Going crazy with extreme couponing

Extreme couponing is an extreme lifestyle. The savings are extreme and you may end up paying for things you don’t need. Here are few reasons to not go down the Extreme Couponing highway.

 Extreme couponing leads to hoarding and stockpiling. Stockpiling, is buying large quantities of the same item during a store sale. This can lead to buying things that you really do not need. In extreme cases, it is also leads to perishable goods going to waste. To maximize savings, couponers often end up buying the same items over and over. Items that are usually found on coupons and store sales are repeated every 3 to 6 weeks, which leads couponers to buy the same items again. The choice of items on sale are far and few.

 We have heard claims by extreme couponers on how they saved over $500 over a few deals. Take a closer look at what was bought and you will find that most of them are unnecessary. The classic case where manufacturers give diabetes monitors away for free because the test strips are expensive or a men’s shaver is almost as expensive as it’s cartridges. Extreme couponing is time consuming. From collecting coupons, maintaining coupons and spending hours at the checkout counter, couponing can become highly stressful and time consuming.

 How do you come back from extreme couponing? You could start off by setting a realistic goal to couponing. Before you cut a coupon, make sure it is something that you need and has a spot in your budget. Sales and coupons tend to return on staple items every 3-6 weeks, so any coupon that you see, may not be the last of its kind. You will have many opportunities on the same discount.

 Do not seek discounts on things you ‘may need in the future’ and only on things you need today. The Extreme couponer spends an average 30 hrs. a week in getting the discounts they seek. The amount of time taken to work the system can take a toll on you, so it is advisable to set a certain amount of time to collect and organize coupons for each week and stick to it. You will find the savings from coupons affecting your budget within three months of sensible couponing, without the hassle and exhaustion of extreme couponing.

 Couponing can bring in many rewards if done with a plan that takes into account man hours per day and specific goal oriented shopping.