Gluten free dinner – A healthy idea

Before you decide to switch to a gluten free diet let us know what really gluten is and how does it affects your body. Gluten is type of protein found in grains. The main function of this form of protein is to give the grain its shape. Some of the grains that are notorious for having high amount of gluten in them are; wheat, rye and barley.

People who are sensitive to gluten offer suffer from an ailment called celiac disease. In this condition, the body treats the gluten in the grain as a foreign substance and attacks it thus harming the inner lining of the gut. This causes nutrient deficiency, anemia and other digestive related issues.

There are people who do not suffer from celiac diseases but still are sensitive to gluten found in the grain. The symptoms of non-celiac gluten sensitivity include severe diarrhea, bloating, tiredness.

To exclude gluten from your diet, avoid having food products made from wheat, rye and barley; some of them include breads, pasta, cereals, beer etc.

This does not mean that you deny your palate the awesome flavors that are out there. You can still have sumptuous food and pamper your taste buds.

If for a dinner, you are planning to have soup, rather than going for plain old gluten-rich soup, opt for a gluten-free lentil soup, lentils are rich in proteins and no, they are not gluten-loaded. To add to the taste, add a healthy serving of parsley or other leafy vegetable such as sautéed spinach and garnish it with fresh cream.

For appetizers, you can treat yourself with chicken salad. This salad has a great flavor, and packs a lot of healthy (gluten free) ingredients. Add a healthy serving of sour fruits and vegetables to a bowl full of chopped cooked chicken. If that is too bland for you then you can pour in a protein-packed peanut dressing which will enhance its taste.

If you had a rather exhausting day and do not wish to cook anything fancy for a dinner and still wish your dinner to be gluten free, then just add tender steak with chopped mushroom and bell peppers (sautéed preferably) to your gluten free corn tortillas, there you have it, an easy weeknight or weekend dinner idea. Garnish it with a healthy serving of fresh cilantro and grated cheese to make them taste even better.