Getting your home summer ready – The BHS way

The onset of a new season is usually when we take a deep breath and prepare to get rejuvenated with a sense of newness. From our wardrobes to our homes and even our personal goals, there are many things that undergo a massive reinvention so that we can usher something novel in life. As we get ready to say goodbye to spring and welcome the onset of summer, there are a number of things that we can do to brighten up our home and hearth. So follow this guide for buying home decor and related items from BHS Online or the well-known British Home Stores, to get your home ready for salty temperatures and soothing air conditioning!

• Say it with floral: Just because spring is gone, does not mean that the freshness of flowers has to leave your home. From the home decor section of BHS Online, you can pick cozy linen for the entire home and stock up on pretty floral prints in hot exotic colors. The major trend this season is muted colors with bold accents like many hues of pink layered with a border of midnight blue or hot pink. You should look for such floral accents when it comes to linen as well as curious so that you have some flower power in your home throughout the sultry season.

• Get some throws: While the daytime temperatures may be unbearable, the evenings in many places across the USA may be slightly cooler. So layer your couches and beds with some comfortable throws that you can wrap around as you step out on the deck or patio for some outdoor evening breeze. Also, these throws will come handy when you are indoors with the air conditioning on, full blast! Get these throws in neutral colors to match those bright pieces that you may have in other corners of the same space.

• Plenty of cushions and pillows: From large beanbags to throw pillows and comfortable cushions, be sure to layer your space with pieces that will be easy to lean against and sit on. This will ensure that you have lots of comfort for your guests when they visit during the warm season because this is the time when everyone likes to get out of the house more often.

• Stripes: At BHS Online, you will also find plenty of stripes on accessories like drapes, cushions, throws, and other kinds of linen as well as vases and boxes. These bring in a robust summer feel which is also oh so fun! Take these and place them around the house as a fitting contrast with the floral accents so that you have a mix and match of sorts. But a word of caution – do remember to keep the rest of the setting neutral so that you do not end up with a loud statement on your hands!