Gardening tips and tricks to remember

Gardening is all about nurturing, believing and patience. There are many gardening hacks, tips and tricks you can use to make the best of your garden. If you are into gardening, you must keep educating yourself by reading about plants, soil, fruits, ways of gardening and everything else that is related to gardening. The more you get involved in your garden, the more your garden will flourish.

If you have a garden you want to renovate or a place where you want to plant a garden, here are some tips and tricks you can follow to make the most of your gardens.

Go for companion planting. It is known to be one of the most effective ways of improving your garden

Compost takes time to stabilize in the soil, so if you do plan to use compost, add it 20 days prior to the planting

Remove your vegetables and fruits as soon as they are ripe as they become an easy target for some pests

There are some insect repelling plants such as garlic, onions, chives and chrysanthemums. Grow them around the garden to keeps pests away

Never over water your garden. Over watering plants is worse than under watering them.

You can use egg shells as pots to start planting seeds. It will also give them calcium.

Work on attracting toads to your garden. Toads eat bugs, so the more toads you have in your garden, the less pests you will have the deal with. You can look up ways to attract toads to your garden

In summers when you have to water your plants more often, you can use a diaper at the bottom of your pot beneath the soil. Diaper will keep the soil moist and you will not have to water them too often

Pets are lovely, but they can destroy the hard work you have put in your garden. Place the plastic fork facing upwards in the soil to keep animals away

You can protect cabbages, beans and tomatoes by planting basil nearby

Some plants do not grow well if planted next to certain plants, for example, avoid growing beans next to onion and garlic; cabbage next to strawberries and tomatoes; carrots and caraway next to dill; corn next to tomatoes; cucumbers next to potatoes and sage; onions next to beans and peas and many more. Do look up more combinations to avoid before you plant your garden

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”

– Audrey Hepburn