Game on with easy tailgate recipes

Whether you’re cheering for the home team or visiting team, organizing a tailgate party can always be exciting. Here are some handpicked, easy tailgate recipes that are sure to score big.

Burgers are a big hit
Perfect for toting to the game, delicious burger is always a match winner, at least for the fast food lovers. You can make the burger cakes at home and try experimenting with bacon, chicken or beef and slice the vegetables, to avoid messing up at the last minute. Pack the burgers in the cooler and grill them just before you are ready to barge into this main course hit. In order to keep away the odor of raw meat, keep them in separate boxes and away from the foods such as bread, or dips.

Buffalo wings are a classic
Originated in Buffalo, New York, this classic tailgate recipe is easy to prepare and relished by all. Whether it is with dry seasoning or sauces, buffalo wings always find its way on the tailgate party menu. Make the wings spicy or sweet, but don’t forget to add a can of chilled beer to go with them.

Dips of every flavor are a must
Tailgate foods without dips are a miss. Prep up in advance and store some of your favorite dips in the refrigerator to serve it chilled at the party. Right from salsa chili dips to creamy spinach dips, you only have to put in a few minutes to prepare these, which are also a hit as burger toppings. Dips complement every tailgate dish, whether fried chips or nachos. Want to add something new to your cheesy dips? Try adding bacon and you would love it even more!

Chilled drinks can’t be missed
Your game-day crowd will go wilder if you miss out on chilled classic tailgate drinks. Go for all types of cocktails to your game day a fresh and juicy punch. From margaritas to lemonades, overstock your cooler with large jars of refreshing drinks.

Popular and fuss-free party dishes
Some of the insider picks on easy tailgate recipes which are popular include chicken fingers, baked or fried, pear cakes that can be a delight for the guests at the tailgate party, and sandwiches with smoked bacon or herbed chicken.

These easy tailgate recipes are some of the great on-the-go foods as well as perfect options for a house party. Experience ultimate game-day with sliders, nachos, chicken, and chilled drinks!