Fresh and healthy home made breads

Bread acts as a good source of carbohydrate to kick start your day. People on a lower calorie diet prefer breads made of grains that are low on carbs and calories. If you are carb conscious and regular multi grain breads seem bland to you, try these fresh and healthy homemade bread recipes.

Zesty zucchini bread
Baking zucchini bread may seem intricate but it is as easy- to- make as any other bread. What’s best, it has a fresh new flavor, awesome taste and all the goodness of the veggie itself. Zucchini adds moisture to the bread and makes it rich, delightful and wholesome. To make the bread, in a batter of all purpose or whole wheat flour, egg whites, ground cinnamon and chopped nuts add grated zucchini and mix until smooth. Bake the batter for up to an hour and let the bread cool off. Start your day with this awesome treat at breakfast alongside some yogurt and honey!

Olive breads
You don’t have to have a complex recipe to round out a tasty meal. Outstanding olive breads can be made with a very basic recipe. For a smooth and elastic dough, mix flour, yeast, black olives, olive oil, salt and water and knead well. Set the dough aside and cover it up with a towel, once the dough rises, knead once again. Bake the dough for about half an hour and set aside to cool it down. Olive breads are soft and fluffy with a crispy crust. You could make the flavor vary by using the olive of your choice!

Cauli bread
There’s good news for the carbo phobic who considers all breads to be bad, try cauliflower bread! Cauli bread is a super tasty and convenient alternative to regular carb laden breads. With cauli breads, you could make every breakfast comforting and wholesome! This bread is dense, flavorful and not at all heavy. To make the bread, microwave finely chopped cauliflower for 10 minutes, add eggs, cheese, salt, pepper and mix well. Bake the mixture until golden and serve hot with ketchup!

Rice Bread
Though heavier than ordinary bread, rice breads are a boon for folks with gluten intolerance. It is made of rice flour and is super easy to bake! Some people use brown rice flour as a healthier alternative. You could use ingredients like white and brown rice flour, xanthan gum, plain gelatin, sugar and egg substitute, fat free milk substitute and the like to make the batter. Rice bread recipes have several variants that you can find from sundry food website.