Free pad samples and choosing the right pad

For girls and women the world over, the menstrual cycle or menstrual period is one time when they all go through a number of trying symptoms. Naturally, the menstrual period is a time when they wish to be comfortable due to the exhaustion that comes from the discharge. For this, you will need to select the right sanitary napkin which will depend on your specific needs, flow, and general activity level. Free pads samples can also help you in deciding which brand and type of pad suits you the most. Here is a guide for choosing the right pad.

• Absorption: The way you feel when you are wearing a pad will depend on the rate of absorption that the pad has. The pad has to have good absorbency levels so that you are not left with a wet feeling throughout the cycle. This should also absorb well with wings and other added pieces on the sides so that any spills are also taken care of. The pad should typically be built in layers with a gel layer for the middle so that the absorption part is well taken care of.

• Texture and Structure: You will need to choose the pad on the basis of the texture and structure. When you avail a free pads sample, be sure to check the structure so that you can find out if it has wings and other such additions to the sides. This will be especially helpful on the days when you bleed more heavily than the others. Furthermore, you will also need to check the texture so that the fabric is something that agrees with you and your skin. There are many women who are allergic to the plastic-based texture and would rather go in for a cotton-based fabric layer, so that they do not come down with rashes along the thighs and legs which can get quite painful and uncomfortable during that time of the month. So it would be a good idea to get some free pads samples from online stores and with coupons so that you can check these details first.

• Thickness: You would be the best judge of this aspect. The thickness of the pad would depend on your flow and how many pads you can change in a day. If you are always in formal wear, then you will need a slim pad that cannot be seen through your trousers or pencil skirts. If you are into sports, then you will need a thin pad too. If you are staying indoors more often, then a thick pad should be sufficient. But this also depends on your flow.

• Length: You should buy a standard 8-inch-long pad that will be able to fit you well and absorb the discharge while you are sitting and sleeping. This will also prevent spills and discomfort in general.