Four popular genres of photography

Every one of us is exposed to photography. Whether looking at a friend’s photo on a social media sites or outdoor advertising campaigns, photography is an arty way of effectively communicating a message. The secret to a good picture is to have fun while shooting it. No matter which genre of photography you choose, every photograph is meant to speak for itself.

Here are 4 most popular photography genres. Take a look and find out which kind of photography interests you more.

Wildlife photography
This genre is about capturing wild animals in their natural habitat. As this is a bit more challenging than other forms, it requires practice and knowledge about the wildlife as well. If you want to pursue your career as a wildlife photographer, then you should also have some technical skills to plan your shots respectively. Wildlife photography requires you to be extremely familiar with your camera settings without which you might miss a click if any shot is too fast to capture.

Fashion photography
A booming genre of photography, fashion photography is typically used to showcase the glamor world. The fashion photographs are typically very visually attractive, creative and can be shot at any location, whether in a studio, apartment, or anywhere outdoor.
In fashion photography, every single element plays a distinct part such as the setting, makeup of the fashion models, stylists, location and even the models themselves play a noteworthy part in bringing the best out of the picture. To add to that, to be a good fashion photographer, one has to very creative to convert unique ideas into pictures.

Food photography
Food photography is used by restaurants, food bloggers, food magazines, to name a few. This, too, is a new genre and is seemingly becoming more popular day by day. One of the most important parts of food photography is to use natural light instead of camera flash. When a photographer uses flash during food photography, unnecessary elements get highlighted, which spoils the very purpose of the picture.

Candid photography
This is a relatively new and extremely popular genre of photography. Moments when spontaneously captured in a camera lens is called a candid photography. The subject of a candid photography is more relaxed as they aren’t’ really aware that their picture is being clicked. This type of photography is booming in wedding photography. Usually, a long zoom lens is used while capturing a candid photo.