Five popular brands for home security systems

Installing the best home security system to protect your house and inhabitants has become essential. This remains true, especially in recent times. At one point of time we should be our own guards for our belongings.

Here are five popular brands of house alarm systems for your home.

Frontline security solutions are globally leading in the installation maintenance and support of electronic security systems. In Frontline, there aren’t any installation charges owing to the fact that its DIY installation. It offers a flexible contract with additional markdowns in security systems. Frontline has its minimal upfront cost which makes it easier to sign up for the security on budget.

Link Attractive
With a much-sophisticated technology, link attractive works on towers rather than landline or Wi-Fi connection making it an 100% cellular security network. It comes with a free set up and shipping charges. Link Attractive comes with the option of night vision cameras that can see up to 40 feet away, doorbell cameras, motion sensing/still photo cameras, and many more with 24/7 surveillance. It will be hard to find another company which gives so much for so little.

Protect America
Protect America wins the overall best value award for 2017. It has transparent pricing, a lifetime equipment warranty which is almost unheard of, and the ability to lock in your rate for life so you don’t have to wonder if your monthly monitoring price will increase each time your contract needs to be renewed. Protect America doesn’t actively market cellular monitoring, but is available on your insistence.

Scout brings different way of thinking about home security and is our choice for best design. You have to buy the equipment up-front, but doesn’t make you sign any contract. Although you can get a 10% discount if you pay for a year of monitoring up-front. There is no activation or installation fee with Scout. Scout equipment is somewhat limited when compared with the rest but offer customizable equipment and offers best entry price for cellular monitoring.

Vivint packages and monthly monitoring fees are all given to you upfront with no extra service charges. Purchase cost is surprisingly affordable when compared with other pricing structures. Vivint is considered as one of the most comprehensive solutions in industry as it gets hand on full mobile access, home automation, cloud storage, and energy efficiency and also offers solar panel installation.