Five most popular interview brain teasers

Brain teasers aren’t something you look forward to when you are at the other side of the desk and are giving interviews. You find yourself at a tricky spot where you are second-guessing the answer in your mind and you end up blurting out an answer which you think might sound more convincing, but alas! That’s where you go wrong! The most obvious answer is nowhere close to the right answer. This is what a brain teaser would be subjecting you to.

The entire concept is spelt out right here- brain teaser. These are some really tricky questions that are asked solely with the intention of making you rack your brains. It’s basically a metaphor for brain exercises. These tricky questions are designed to keep your brain active and thriving!

You are wrong if you think that brain teasers are merely riddles and only one of a kind. There are different types of brain teasers and the popular ones are listed below.

  • The Brain teaser which would want you to know everything about your city! The interviewer can ask you certain aspects about your city that you might never have given a thought before. The questions can be really basic like how many trees are there in L.A. or how many barbers are there in Chicago?
  • They may ask you questions that can be answered correctly. The above mentioned brain teaser functions solely on assumptions whereas this one would depend largely on your mathematical ability and reasoning. One of the most commonly used mathematical brain teaser is- how can you add up eight 8s to get the sum total of 1000 Tricky isn’t it?
  • Then comes the how many can you fit in type of questions. Here you would be given an exorbitant number of any article and you are supposed to find out how is it going to fit in another article. Here’s an example of how these questions look- how many golf balls can you fit into Boeing 747 Tough one!
  • The next-in-line would be the “describe this stuff to me brain teaser. Here you would be given something that looks very simple and then you would be asked to explain this to someone. For example, you can be given an iPad and you would be asked to explain the workings of the same object to someone who’s much older than you. Take a cue from how you would explain
    your cell phone to your grandmother.
  • And finally, the most famous of them all- “why are the manholes round? Think of the most logical reason for making the manhole round.

So, now that you are familiar with the most popular types of brain teasers, make sure your next interview is more successful than the previous one.