Five features that make iPhone X a total steal deal

The 10th anniversary of iPhone had to offer something special and iPhone X definitely did not let us down. An event was organized on the Apple Campus on the Steve Jobs Theater and one of the best phones of all time was revealed. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook stated that iPhone X is the biggest leap since the original iPhone. Since the iPhone X has been released till date, the market is flooded with best iPhone X deals. If you are confused about whether you should purchase the iPhone X or not, below are some of the features that will ease your decision-making process.

  • OLED Display
    The super retina display of the iPhone X uses the organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology. To enable an incredible viewing experience and raising the standards of iPhone, the super retina also includes advancement like high brightness, best color accuracy, and wide color support. The device has earned DisplayMate’s A-plus rating, which is the highest rating ever. OLED technology delivers an incredibly high resolution and high contrast ratio. You may also notice slight shifts in color and hue when you at the display from an off-angle. This behavior is normal for an OLED display as its one of its characteristics. You can get most out of the Super Retina display when you update your iPhone X, keep your phone in an auto-brightness mode as it will adjust the ambient light according to your location, and avoid displaying static images with maximum brightness.
  • Portrait lighting
    With improved optical image stabilization and sensors, the iPhone X has two 12-megapixel lenses on the back. Similar to the iPhone 8, even the iPhone X has a new portrait lighting feature. This feature allows you to adjust how your photos are lit in a portrait mode as the light can range from natural to a dramatic studio setting. However, unlike iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X also has a lightening feature in their front-facing camera lens.
  • Best deals on iPhone X
    The biggest drawback of iPhone X is its extravagant price, as the base model of iPhone X with 64GB storage starts at a whopping price of $1,000 and the 256GB variant of the same costs extra $150 dollars. Luckily, all the four major carriers, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T offer some of the best deals for iPhone X. Even U.S. Cellular is offering one of the best iPhone X deals to its existing customer by giving them a chance to get their hands on the iPhone for as low as just $10 a month. The deal is open to all who open a new line with an unlimited data. Even Best Buy is offering some of the best deals for iPhone X.
  • New A11 Bionic chip
    Thanks to the new A11 Bionic chip, the iPhone X is ultra-powerful. It has a six-core processor that is 70 percent faster than the last gen iPhone’s processor, A10 Fusion. The new chip allows 3D games, Animoji, and ARKit apps. It has been observed to outperform the leading Android phones by some distance.
  • Face ID
    Face ID makes on the iPhone X with its new facial recognition technology. The technology works using the TrueDepth camera system hidden in the notch of the display. When you glance at the iPhone X and it illuminates your face with infrared dot array and the infrared camera helps to identify your face whenever you look at it. The best part is that the face ID even works in the dark. Apple managers claim that the Face ID is not confused by hats, beards, or hairstyles. The Face ID feature is more secure than most of the other biometric systems as the chances of someone unlocking your phone with your Face ID is one in a million. Whereas, the probability of someone unlocking your phone with the touch ID is one in 50,000. Apple Pay and other apps that require Touch ID for authentication require you to look at the phone when you make the payments.