Few tips to avoid pollen allergies

Pollen allergies are annoying, and so are the drugs we pop to relieve sneezing, sniffling, and itchy, red eyes. While we can’t reduce the pollen in the air, we might be able to limit the number of drugs we take to get relief from the pollens. Experts suggest opting for natural pollen allergy remedies as they seem to offer quicker and better relief than the conventional medicine.

Here are some ways to stay away from pollen allergies.

• Add fish oil supplement to your daily diet
Consuming fish oil supplement every day can prevent pollen allergies. Studies report that with a regular intake of fish oil supplements, the allergy causing chemicals (leukotrienes) get considerably reduced. Hence, this can be a safe bet if you wish to combat pollen allergies the natural way.

• Try butterbur
Butterbur is one of the natural routes that has an impressive track record among other herbs used for pollen allergies. Note that this has a proven record for headache relief as well. Some studies report that it can be as effective for nasal symptoms as an antihistamine, with no accompanying side effect of sleepiness.

• Apple – Walnut Trail Mix Indeed a magic potion
Like a magic potion, this mix helps you hit the trail in no time, without the sneezing and itching! Walnuts are a natural snack that many love to have. And, they can keep your allergies too in check. The high magnesium content in the nuts helps to bring down any coughing or wheezing. In addition, their vitamin E content is known to perk up your immunity system, thus protecting the body from reacting to allergens. Apples, like onions, contain quercetin, which naturally reduces the production of histamine. Several studies have confirmed that an apple a day does keep allergies at bay.

• Try acupuncture
A study report published in the Annals of Internal Medicine says that acupuncture can help relieve fever and allergic symptoms. In the study, allergy sufferers who were randomly assigned to acupuncture sessions had more symptom relief and used less antihistamine medication than those who got the “sham treatmentâ€� or did not get any treatment. Experts don’t know for sure how acupuncture helps, but suspect that it reduces the inflammatory immune-system substances involved in allergic reactions.

• Cook with turmeric
One of the best pollen allergy remedies includes turmeric, which contains curcumin. It has exceptional medicinal properties. It acts as a decongestant, helps reduce allergic symptoms, and wards off cold. In alternative medicine, turmeric is prescribed to alleviate many conditions, and everyday use of turmeric in cooking is encouraged to improve the body’s immunity.

• Move your outdoor workout to dusk
It is a natural phenomenon that the trees release more pollens at first light. Hence, people who are prone to pollen allergies can stay indoors during the morning. If you are used to practising your fitness regimen outdoors early in the morning, better opt for evening workouts. Sticking to end-of-day strolls may help you stay away from the pollen.