Features of best rated queen mattress

In an attempt to replace an old mattress, one may opt for the best-rated queen mattress that is popular in the industry. Since hunting for a new mattress can easily become an exhausting, daunting task, it is important to have a basic idea of what you expect from a mattress that you will be using for years to come. The choice of a mattress is very personal and everybody has a specific preference in terms of what mattress works for them. This fact is aided by the availability of many different types of best-rated queen mattresses in the market.

Queen mattresses are often size specific. They are smaller than a full-size king mattress but larger than what would be considered a child-sized mattress. Mattresses can cost up to thousands of dollars depending on the type, size, and quality of the materials used to create the mattress. There are also newer, technology-based mattresses that work for specific health issues like back problems, neck and lower back support and more.

Choosing the best-rated queen mattress often depends on the material out of which the core of the mattress is created. There are four main types of cores that provide support to a mattress and thus become the foundation for the choice of the mattress. These are innerspring, latex, foam, and air filled. The support the mattress provides depends entirely on what the core the mattress is made of. Heavy individuals who need back support usually find that a thick gauge gives them the comfort of support. A thick gauge support is created by interconnected coils that are extra durable. The pocketed coils covered with fabric and placed individually help decrease the ripple effect that occurs when one person moves on the other side of the bed.

One mistake that most people often make when choosing a queen mattress is picking the springy, puffy mattress in the shop that looks and feels great in the first go. A mattress you can simply sink into may sound like a good idea, but with time, it loses all support and can become quite uncomfortable to sleep in. The compression factor of such mattresses becomes faulty over time, and the mattress may not spring up back as easily as required. Consider buying a best-rated queen mattress that is firm and well quilted and later add a layer of featherbedding if you want a soft bed. Adding a layer of feather-bedding or a mattress pad that is replaceable gives you the soft, plushy feeling when you want to sink into the bed after a long tiring day.

For those looking for an extra form base in their mattress, a memory foam mattress for a queen sized bed may serve the purpose. Memory foam mattresses have polyurethane core with less of a spring in them. Past the first layer, such mattresses display no sinking or movement. The thickness of the foam layer and the density of the foam determine the quality of such mattresses. A very high-quality mattress would have 5 pounds per cubic foot of density, while a lower one would have 3 pounds per cubic foot density.

For people who like bouncy beds, a mattress with inner springs may provide just the right amount of bounce and support. Metal coils provide a bounce in a mattress. The dimensions of these metal coils can vary from 18 (lowest) to 12 (thick and firm).

A best-rated queen mattress is a long-term investment and is likely to be used for many years to come.