Factors To Understand Before Buying Gemstone Jewelry

Factors to understand before buying gemstone jewelry

Women have loved adorning their bodies with jewelry since ancient times. There can be nothing like gemstone jewelry that is beautiful yet versatile. When embedded in precious metals, gemstones bring to the jewelry pieces a glamorous look that is unmatched. Available in a variety of shapes, colors, and cuts, gems adorn necklaces, rings, and even bracelets.

Amazingly, gemstone jewelry has been used in the cultures of countries across the worlds and they continue to hold their relevance till day. Spanning a spectrum of taste and styles, gemstones magnify the luster of precious metals and are a popular choice among glamorous women. If you are seeking to enhance your ensemble or even adding to your jewelry-box collection, here are a few factors to keep in mind:

Thorough research: More knowledge is less when it comes to understanding the types of gemstone jewelry available in the market. It is a good idea to gain some knowledge through friends and family, go through guides and online sites before beginning your search. These guides will help you understand things like grading of the gemstones, the cut and clarity and most importantly the difference between precious gemstones and semi-precious ones.

Go to reputed sources: Gemstone jewelry comes at an exorbitant price and you don’t want to realize later that you have been duped. Thus, you must start looking through reputed jewelry stores that will ensure that your gemstones are sourced from reliable sources. Also, there may be discounts that can dazzle your vision, but you must understand that not all that glitters is gold.

Keep a budget: The budget will solely depend upon your choice between precious and semi-precious stones. The former comes at a much higher price as they are rare to find. Also, if you are low on budget, you can go in for cultivated stones. Keep your budget and only budge in case of an exception.

Evaluate the gemstones: While the metal contained in the jewelry is evaluated separately, there are a few factors that jewelers and gemologists use to determine the value of a gemstone. Gemstones are evaluated based on four features that include cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. When gemstones are found, they are coarse and rough, thus, requiring them to be cut into a specific shape. The way a gemstone is cut determines its value. One that is trimmed imperfectly reduces the desirability and in turn impacts the value. Gemstones are purchased for their purity and brilliance. When there are imperfections that impede the clarity, the stone looks flawed, and this leads to a drop-in value. The color of the gemstone too should be deep and vivid. The intensity of the color greatly determines its value. And the last factor, the weight, and size of the stone are essential. The larger the stone, the higher it’s value.

Examine the jewelry piece: Before making the purchase, you must thoroughly examine the gemstone jewelry piece. Ensure that the gemstones are securely mounted to the metal or there is a huge risk of them falling off. Also, do not shy away from using a magnifying glass to check the jewelry for any damaged stone and chipped facets.

Understand the warranty policy: Gemstone jewelry is a big investment and must make sure that the piece is accompanied by warranty card. Even better, look for jewelers that provide post-sale services. This includes checking for any loose gemstones or polishing.

Buying gemstone jewelry is a beautiful experience and is something that will stay close to your heart for years to come. Armed with the right knowledge and information, you will be able to find the best quality gemstone jewelry piece for yourself.