Factors to Consider while Choosing the Best Shampoo for Hair Loss

The widely accepted notion of hair loss shampoos being inexpensive alternatives to medical treatments might be true. With so many brands in the market that claim to be unparalleled in the field, selecting the wrong product can actually turn out to be a nightmare, doing more harm than good. The best shampoo for hair loss will not be easy on the pocket either, so how do you get to know which one will be suitable for you or if a particular product is worth trying. Be wise and think before you spend money on buying what others think is the best shampoo for hair loss. Given below are a few things that should be contemplated in this regard:

  • Check for chemical elements like sulfates in the ingredients section. These elements are almost like detergents and a big no-no for the hair. SLS and ALS are some short forms used for description by brands in order to trick customers into buying a shampoo that not only dries the hair and makes it frizzy, but also irritates the skin and eyes.
  • Know your hair type and scalp well. Hair loss shampoos are a form of treatment that requires long-term investment and patience. They will turn out to be effective only if the right steps are taken from the beginning. Choosing a shampoo meant for dry hair when you actually have oily hair is a big blunder you can possibly do.
  • Always buy from reputed brands since it is not a good idea to experiment with your scalp that is already witnessing the loss of hair. The tall claims made by local brands could be fake and unapproved, therefore research well and read customer reviews published on multiple sites to know the genuineness of the product you intend to buy.
  • Try looking for shampoos that contain organic components such as oils and vitamins that are good for hair growth and also gentle for the skin and eyes particularly. Ketoconazole is another element that should form a part of the best shampoo for hair loss. Organic components alone cannot do the magic unless this essential component is present.
  • Visit a dermatologist before taking the plunge to get optimum results. At times, the problem of hair loss might be deep-rooted and shampoos alone might not be the best way to combat it. A good doctor will conduct a complete checkup and advise the best shampoo based on the merits of your case.

Although, choosing the best shampoo for hair loss depends upon various factors, here are 5 shampoos that are great for managing the problem.

  • Nizoral A-D – If dandruff is the reason for your hair fall, this is a good shampoo for curing the problem. It is available on Target for around $14.79 and needs to be applied only twice a week for generating the required results.
  • Regenepure DR – Priced at around $25 for a 224 ml pack, this shampoo contains saw palmetto, essential vitamins, and caffeine among others and is a boon for even those who have colored or highlighted hair.
  • Procerin – This shampoo is meant only for men and is known for rejuvenating the follicles of hair and cleaning the scalp of unwanted elements. It comes with a price tag of $33 and is recommended for individuals who are experiencing the initial stages of hair fall.
  • Keranique – This brand offers a complete set of shampoo, conditioner, and repair as well as re-growth treatments at an unbelievable price of around $49.95. The set, when purchased from the company’s official website also encompasses a detangling tool and defense brush as bonus gifts.
  • Pronexa – The shampoo from Hairgenics minimizes hair loss and enhances hair growth and gives best results if used for a period of six months at a stretch. Priced at approximately $39.99 for an 8-ounce bottle, it contains biotin and seaweed extract, two elements popular for their nourishment attributes.