Factors To Consider Before Buying Gold Jewelry

Factors to consider before buying gold jewelry

Since ancient times, women loved to adorn themselves with gold jewelry to enhance their beauty. Gold jewelry is always the first choice for women of every age. This one kind of jewelry that continues to be a favorite among several women as it never goes out of style. Gold is beautiful and amazingly complements jewelry designs, making it one of the most wearer-friendly pieces. Gold jewelry is long lasting and is treasured as it retains its value over time. Thus, it makes for the best jewelry investment. Imagine, wearing gold jewelry and being able to pound it in fluctuating financial times, no wonder our ancestors loved gold jewelry so much.

If you are looking to buy gold jewelry, you may be absolutely amazed at the choice in design that you come across. Unlike a few years ago, you can now purchase dainty pieces that are great to wear even on casual days. Moreover, many jewelry brands provide drool-worthy gold jewelry pieces. You do invest high amounts of money in gold jewelry and thus, you should learn a few things before going ahead with your purchase. Here are few factors to consider before buying gold jewelry.

Gold purity: The purity of gold is measured by the karats that it is made up of. Karats are a system that is essentially used to describe the percentage of gold that is present in the jewelry piece. So, the higher the gold karats, the more is the amount of gold added. This means that a jewelry piece with 22k gold will retail at a much higher cost. 24K gold is the purest form of gold and cannot be used to make jewelry. 10K jewelry contains the least amount of gold and is mixed with other additional metals.

You should note, the higher the gold content, the better the value over years. Low karat gold is not likely to hold any value if you are purchasing jewelry as part of an investment.

Metals mixed with gold: Gold is a soft metal and is not practical for daily wear unless it is mixed with other metals. Gold alloys make for more durable jewelry that does not bend easily. Moreover, gold alloy lets makers produce more variety of gold jewelry in the form of rose gold or white gold. Gold is usually mixed with other metals such as nickel, copper, and silver. You should understand the type of alloy you are looking for before making your purchase.

Gold-plated jewelry: Gold plated jewelry is one of the popular forms of jewelry that a lot of women use. In this kind of jewelry, gold is coated onto a much cheaper metal such as silver or bronze. This reduces the cost of the jewelry piece. You must understand that if the layer of gold is thin, it can wear off soon. On the other hand, the thicker the layer of gold, the lesser chances of the metal underneath getting exposed over time. If you are planning on buying gold plated jewelry, then you should check the markings that indicate the amount of gold and the type that coats the less expensive metal.

Brand: When buying gold from a brand or a local jeweler, you should make sure that the store is reputed and is trust-worthy. The brand should build a strong and trustful relationship with you that will make you want to buy from them even in the future. Look for a reliable and authentic trader before going ahead with your transaction.

When gold jewelry is cared for, it becomes one of the most cherished pieces that can be passed on to generations.