Factors to consider before buying an omega-3 supplement

The human body is an intricate system and cannot function without appropriately without the right kind of nutrients. This is the reasons why people stress on exercising and maintaining a balanced diet. If the body doesn’t get the required quantities of nutrients, the deficiency of the same can cause a lot of health issues. One such nutrient which is indispensable to the wellness of the body is Omega-3.

Omega-3 is one of the most important fatty acids that contain both docosahexaenoic acid and eicosapentaenoic acid. Omega-3 fatty acids help to prevent and get rid of severe health problems such as arthritis, depression, and several heart diseases. Millions of people now pop omega-3 supplements routinely. But, when it comes to choosing these supplements, you have different options; so it is important to conduct proper research to find the best one. The most potent source of omega-3 is fish oil. Usually selecting the best fish oil supplements allows you to experience the following benefits:

  • Reduces triglycerides
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Reduces the risk of abnormal heart rhythm
  • Reduces the risk of plaque in the arteries
  • Lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke

Things to keep in mind
There is a massive selection of omega-3 supplements available today. Finding the right option allows you to maintain your health condition. When it comes to choosing one of the best fish oil supplements, you need to consider the following important things:

  • Freshness
    Normally, omega-3 oils are susceptible to oxidation. So, these kinds of supplements come with a relatively short shelf life. If you need to buy omega-3 supplements, you must consider checking its freshness as well as the manufacturing date. Try to get your omega-3 supplement in a flask or sealed container. Once you open it, the product is exposed to oxygen. So, you need to store it in a refrigerator and preferably use it within one month.
  • Purity:
    Everyone wants pure supplements. Moreover, omega-3 supplements are commonly taken daily. Also, most people take these kinds of supplements on a long-term basis. So, it is important to check its purity. Although nowadays every supplement is purified with standards that are acceptable to USP, you must make sure that the supplement doesn’t contain any harmful elements.
    Safety is a significant concern. Ensure there are no environmental contaminants in the fish oil. Usually, fish oil includes traces of PCB, dioxins, mercury, heavy metals as well as other toxins. To ensure purity of the fish oil, manufacturers use molecular distillation process, which reduces toxins and other components in fish oil to a level considered safe. Commercially available oils meet every safety standard, but before going to buy any products, you should check the solvents used during the extraction process.
  • Blend:
    Before selecting any of the best fish oil supplements, check what the perfect ratio should be. Also, check and pick products, if they have both EPA and DHA. Always prefer the supplement that contains both.
  • Sourcing:
    Cold and wild water is often considered to be sources of the best fish oil supplements as they are high in omega-3s. While you must go for these supplements, do not miss out on checking whether the supplements are sourced from clean and sustainable resources or not.
  • Potency:
    In general, the level of DHA+EPA in omega 3 supplements is really important. It is a critical way to measure the strength; so you must compare the labels of the products. National Institutes of Health recommends that on an average, an adult must get around 650 mg/day of DHA+EPA.

These are some of the key factors you must consider to choose best omega 3 supplements for your daily use. Before using any omega-3 supplements, do remember to consult with your physician.