Evolution of TV technology

Nobody is going to say that watching television is a luxury these days. It can be said without an iota of doubt that television has emerged from a luxury that only elite people had in their homes to a common household item where most people have at least one television in their home. Television programming was confined to a few channels 50 years back, but it has expanded amazingly to a wide range channels.

Plenty of options: As the popularity of the television programming increased, the television technology has also advanced tremendously. Today, you can find a lot of options available and the TV sale market has undergone tremendous transformation. It can be a difficult choice because you may get confused what to buy. There are analog, digital, HDTV enabled, Plasma and LCD TVs and choosing one among them can be easily confusing. The only way to get rid of this confusion is for you to have a basic understanding about Tv technology and how it has evolved and this awareness can definitely help you make the right choice.

Learn about analog TV: What is the fundamental difference between an analog or digital capable TV? The traditional TV that you have been using in the past and analog format was used for sending and receiving the signals. This type of device ruled the TV sales for a very long time. One of the main disadvantages of the analog TV is that these types of signals can hold only a limited amount of data for the screen and sound. These signals are easily vulnerable to degradation as well. The good aspect is that analog TVs are very affordable.

Digital TVs: When it comes to digital TV, the digital signals are capable of retaining denser and higher quantities of information and you do not have to worry about the degradation of signal. That is how digital TV creates better sound and picture and high definition programming can be associated with digital TV. In order to have the best picture and sound, various TV stations broadcast in high definition also called HDTV and your digital TV is competent to receive and process the high definition signals. They display the signals on a high definition equipped screen to make the viewing experience clearer and enjoyable. Digital TV’s are a great option to buy in any TV sale.

HDTV capable or enabled: There is some difference between HDTV capable and HDTV enabled TV. HDTV capable TVs refer to ones that are capable of process digital signals, but you need an additional tuner to display the high definition signal. At the same time; HDTV enabled refer to TVs that are good enough to display high definition sound and picture straight out of the box.

Plasma and LCD screens: You might have heard a lot of plasma and LCD TVs nowadays. The convention TV screen that has been for several is known as the CRT. Today, you can find a lot of plasma and LCD screens available in the market. These types of screens are very thin to produce and the width of these screens comes around only 2 to 3 inches. These screens can be mounted on any place you prefer where it is impossible to mount a CRT screen. The price of the LCD and plasma TVs are on the higher side, but you can enjoy better clarity and the viewing experience becomes thoroughly enjoyable.

Television technology is improving fast and different types of technologies are being introduced into the market on a consistent basis. It has resulted in fast TV sales and people are always looking for the best technology. When you are looking to purchase a TV, you should have clear idea about different types of TVs available in the market.