Everything you need to know before you buy a top loading washing machine

Washers and dryers are important appliances that every household needs. Washing machines have now become a necessity that one just cannot avoid. Plus, these have now evolved into appliances that add to the style of your home as well.

If you are in the market to shop for a new washing machine, you may find yourself at stuck between choosing a top load washer or a front loading one. It is important to know well about both the types before you get one.

Before you start reading the different washing machine reviews, for the models you like, you will first have to zero in on the type. This article will highlight the benefits of top loading washers and a few factors you can keep in mind when getting a top loading washing machine.

Top loading washers are the traditional style and cost lesser than the front loading ones making it ideal for those looking to buy a washing machine without spending a bomb.

The win points in most of the washing machine reviews owe to the convenience they offer in loading and unloading the clothes. If you have a dryer, transferring clothes at waist level is more convenient than all the bending and reaching one has to do with front load washing machines.

Top loading machines are great in households with young children. The lid on top is difficult for young kids to access, unlike the front loading ones where the lid is at the eye level.

Here are some of the factors that you can keep in mind while shopping for top loading washing machines:

Power efficiency and utility bills

Washing machines are frequently used large devices. This use takes up a chunk of your electricity bill. Look for top-loading models that are power efficient. Going through washing machine reviews and finding out whether the model you are looking at is Energy Star certified will give you a fair idea of how much the washing machine may affect your utility bills. Also, consider the amount of water the machine uses for each cycle. High efficiency (HE) certified top loading washing machines do a great job in saving power and water. The only downside to HE machines is that it requires you to use special HE detergent only for washing.

Space constraints

Since top loading washing machines open on the top, stacking the machines one on top of the other like front loading machines is not possible. If you intend on buying a dryer as well, consider the space that the two machines will take up when placed side by side and the area available in your home’s laundry area to place both the machines.

Wash cycles’ versatility

Look for top loading washing machines that offer you the maximum number of wash cycle options. Reading up the washing machine reviews of actual users may give you a fair idea about how well these cycles perform. Keep any specific laundry needs in mind when shopping for your new washing machine and ensure that the one you are getting has the cycle you need to take care of those needs.

Before you pay for any make or model of washing machine, be sure to read the online washing machine reviews to make sure you are making the right choice. Sometimes even the biggest of brands may have an unsuccessful product and the best way to know whether the washing machine you are buying is one such one is by reading the customers’ washing machine reviews.