Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung smartphones do not need an introduction as they have been reigning the market for a long time. The brand continues to maintain its strong foothold in the technological world with its amazing smartphones and other gadgets. In fact, Samsung announced its much-awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus on August 7, 2019, and this has lead to prospective smartphone buyers deliberating on whether it is worth upgrading to the latest Samsung Note 10. This phone is available for pre-order starting August 8 and goes on sale on August 23.

With Samsung Note 10, Samsung has unveiled a smartphone that combines the user experience of a computer, gaming console, a movie-tech camera, and an intelligent pen in one compact device! You can even say that the Samsung Note 10 is the company’s easiest-to-use S Pen-toting phone till date. If you are considering buying a new phone and are curious to gauge whether the latest Samsung Note 10 fits the bill, here are certain things about the device that will you help you make an informed choice.

We tend to favor things that appeal to our aesthetic sense. So, there are high chances that your decision would be in favor of the Samsung Note 10 as it is hands-down one of the most striking phones of the year. If you want an impressive phone, you should consider buying the Samsung Note 10 in the Aura Glow color; it gives off a silvery iridescence that changes hues when light hits it at different angles. This phone is also available in Aura White, Aura Red, Aura Pink, and Aura Black. Samsung Note 10 feels just right in your hands and offers a respite from the usual bulky phones. It is 6.3 inches long and has a slightly smaller screen than the earlier 6.4 inches Samsung Note 9. However, Samsung Note 10 is thinner and lighter than its predecessor and wins brownie points for this.

Another prominent change that accompanies the Samsung Note 10 is that there’s no headphone jack; it ditched the 3.5-millimeter, and the microSD card slot for a sleeker design. Also, the power button and the volume controls are on the left side of the phone, which has evoked mixed feelings from users.

Samsung Note 10’s display is quite impressive. It has an on-screen Ultrasonic Fingerprint scanner that offers vault-like security, and it detects the 3D ridges and valleys of your fingerprint for invisible security. Also, it features a 6.3-inch Infinity-O display that offers an uninterrupted view as the front camera is tiny and is discreetly positioned. Since the bezels are pushed way back, you’ll get a truly great view. With Samsung Note 10, you can enjoy a cinematic experience irrespective of whether it is bright or dark outside. This is made possible with its HDR10+ certified with Dynamic Tone Mapping for playback with tone and contrast in accordance with how it is intended to be seen. So, if you are viewing HRD10+ content on YouTube, it will be vivid and exciting.

S Pen
The S Pen is amazing, but some of the features are more gimmicky than useful. The S Pen on the Samsung Note 10 can convert handwriting to text, and you can scribble a note using the Screen off memo feature. This note can be saved and exported to a Word doc, PDF, or other file and sent out. Also, the new Air Actions gestures for the S Pen require minimal efforts. There’s an added feature to the S Pen—AR Doodle. This feature allows you to create viral moments; you can draw on a live view of a subject or multiple subjects. You can draw on them (on the faces), and whatever you draw will travel with them as they move about the frame.

Samsung Note 10’s new camera system brings top-notch movie technology to mobile and makes it easy to use. This multi-camera system gives you the power to go from shoot to edit instantly. The back of the phone has a triple-camera set up that includes a wide-angle 12MP shooter and an ultra-wide 16MP camera that captures 123-degree photographs. It also has a 12 MP telephoto lens that’s limited to 2x optical zoom. Samsung’s video prowess is what stands out in its latest rendition. The phone has a Live Focus mode for video and lets you blur out the background or add special effects.

The phone harbors a single 10MP front camera that shoots wide-angle selfies. The Night Mode delivers better results even in dim conditions.

Battery life
In terms of battery life, the Samsung Note 10 is powered by a 3,500mAh battery. It is smaller than its predecessor, but the low screen resolution can ensure that it consumes less power. Also, it will provide good endurance. This smartphone comes with a 25-watt charger, which helps your phone get from 0% to 100% in less than an hour.

Though the specs are quite impressive, people might be a little apprehensive about the smaller battery or the absence of a headphone jack. However, if these factors are out of the picture, you are left with a smartphone offers faster performance, improved productivity features, better cameras, and an enhanced S Pen. You can now decide whether you are willing to spend $949.99 for pre-ordering the compact yet powerful Samsung Galaxy Note 10.