Everything you need to know about Apple’s iPhone 8

Introduced in 2017, Apple’s iPhone 8 is a big step forward. The device has everything we love about our phone. With overhauled internal, tweaked design, the changes are not too dramatic as brought by iPhone X. The iPhone X is Apple’s flagship device, which is high-end and sold with the iPhone 8 Plus. It has the mix of iPhone X and a bit of iPhone 7 of the previous generation. The iPhone 8’s design is almost the same as its previous generation’s phone, namely, the iPhone 7, and 7 Plus. However, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus feature superior-quality glass design sandwiched in the aluminum frame. You will find here Touch ID Home Button and thick bezels, both at the bottom and the top.

  • Available in three colors
    The iPhone 8 Apple device may be availed in Space Gray, Silver and Gold shade. The glass here is extremely durable in the reinforced steel of aluminum structure which is dust resistant and water resistant. Its stereo speaker is far updated and is 25% louder. This device continues to feature a screen of 4.7-inch display, and the iPhone8 plus has a larger screen of 5.5 inches. Both screens are updated with the True Tone Support which is designed to adjust to color temperature or intensity of ambient light. You have a paper-like viewing experience which is more natural. Apple chose this glass for Apple iPhone8 to enable Qi-based inductive charging feature which is wireless. This mechanism allows charging two devices at the same time. Inside the Apple device, there is six core A11 Bionic Chip ever introduced in any of the smartphones. Performance cores are 25% faster than A10 Fusion Chip of the iPhone 7. With the help of second generation performance controller, its six cores may be harnessed at the same time.
  • Improved camera with better sensors
    Whether it is an iPhone8 or 8 Plus, the cameras are far enhanced than previous versions. Their better sensors allow 83% of more light into its wide-angle camera. Apple also adds multi-band noise reduction along with new color pixels and deeper pixels. The large iPhone 8 offers a dual-lens camera, and both of them feature new sensors. The feature of optical image stabilization is available for iphone8 device facilitating portrait mode.
  • How to buy Apple iPhone 8?
    If you are impressed by the features of the iPhone 8 and are willing to buy the same, you may check out the Apple store online. It is already available with major retail stores. The pricing of the Apple phone starts from about $600 for a phone of 64 GB storage. For 256 GB storage, the cost comes to about $849.