Effective refrigerator maintenance tips to keep utility bills low

The majority of people look forward to availing the best refrigerator deals while purchasing a new one for their home. The definite reason behind this is savings that we all desire to make. However, it is not just at the time of purchase of a refrigerator that you can save money; you can continue saving throughout your use as well. By keeping your appliance in a good working condition for long, you can save money in the form of low utility bills. Here are some of the essential refrigerator maintenance tips that you can consider.

Clean the condenser coils
Refrigerators have condenser coils, the radiator-like things, behind or underneath them, which serve the purpose of removing heat from the appliance. With time, a lot of dust and dirt accumulates on the coils, which is a major threat to the refrigerator’s performance. Therefore, you should clean the condenser coils every six months to run your appliance smoothly. Before you start cleaning the condenser coils, do not forget to unplug the fridge. If the coils are located underneath, you need to remove the grill at the bottom front of the fridge.

Choose an ideal temperature setting
Availing the best refrigerator deal is not the only way you can make your fridge last long. Rather, maintaining an ideal temperature can enhance a refrigerator’s performance and life altogether. If you set the temperature too low, it would make the appliance work harder, which eventually leaves a negative impact on it. On the other hand, at a warmer setting, you would not only end up saving electricity but increasing the lifespan of the appliance as well.

Pay attention to the drain hole and drip pan
Unlike other appliances, refrigerators are designed to rely on a drip pan or a drain hole for the removal of condensation. Therefore, you need to pay attention to these components on a regular basis. As per the instruction manual of the appliance, remove food particles and mineral deposits from the drain hole and clean the drip pan as well.

Check the door seals
Door seals of a refrigerator have to be in ideal condition all the time, as it is a prerequisite for the appliance’s efficiency. A loose door seal allows the cool air to escape, which is a sheer wastage of energy. Therefore, inspect the door seals every now and then for food residue. Clean seals twice a year using a toothbrush, baking soda, and water solution.

Weekly interior cleaning
Using a sponge dipped in warm soapy water, you should wash the interior of your refrigerator once a week. Remove all the spills from the shelves and walls, and also clean the fridge door and handle. Although this would not help much with reducing the energy consumption of the appliance, it would certainly help you keep your refrigerator in a good condition for long.