Effective measures for clearing a stuffy nose

Stuffy nose can often leave you frustrated, because it can make breathing an extremely difficult task. This leaves you mulling over one question, what can I do to clear a stuffy nose? An answer to that, here are some measures that you can take to effectively clear your stuffy nose.

Consult a doctor
At times, self-medication or home treatments are just not a good idea! Why? The former might be harmful to your health, and the latter might take some time to work. If you happen to be looking for an effective and a quick fix then visit your doctor. He/she will accurately diagnose you and prescribe you with appropriate medication which can instantly relieve you.

Hot shower
Taking a hot shower can clear out your nasal congestion. Although this can be a short-term remedy, you will still end up feeling refreshed, as it will improve your breathing. You can also inhale steam from a bowl of boiling water, if you don’t want to bathe.

A humidifier can add some extra moisture in the air, easing the congestion in your nose by reducing the inflammation of the mucus membranes located in the nose. While using the humidifier make sure that it is clean, as any presence of bacteria in it can only aggravate your health condition.

Warm compress
You can use a warm compress to cover your sinuses to loosen up the mucus inside. Place the compress over the nose while you are lying down, and it will gradually loosen up your stuffy nose. Just make sure that the warm compress is not soaked in super-hot water as it can burn your face. So, remember to check the water temperature before you use it.

Extra pillow
While you sleep at night make sure that you place an extra pillow under the head. This is because if you sleep with your head at a 180 degree angle, then it can make your condition worse. An elevated position will help you enjoy a sound and uninterrupted sleep, as it provides a better posture for congestion free breathing.

Neti pot
A possible amalgamation of a teapot and watering can, Neti pot is increasingly gaining popularity as an effective remedy for stuffy nose. The purpose of a Neti pot is to basically rinse your membranes in the nostrils to facilitate easier breathing. Although, make sure that you avoid it if you have had any recent nasal injuries or if you are already suffering from an ear infection.