Easy to make family meals on a tight budget

More and more people are spending on having food outside than on buying produce and cooking at home, simply because they don’t have the time. But creative use of ingredients and cheap produce will certainly cut down on the cost and still ensure you serve a wholesome and healthy family meal. These recipes are not just cheap, but also very easy to make.

Here are a few common and easy to make family meal recipes on a budget.

Macaroni and cheese: The dish which needs the least number of ingredients and preparation for that matter, which is also an all-time classic. Mac and cheese which can be made with ingredients costing no more than five dollars in total. Elbow macaroni, cooked in a milk and flour based sauce seasoned with salt and some spices to be then mixed with delicious shredded cheese of your choice.

Spaghetti in homemade sauce: Everybody loves spaghetti, it requires very little preparation and can serve four people with just one 12 oz. packet. The sauce can be easily made at home using canned tomatoes, which again can be purchased at your local grocery store. Mixed with onions sautéed in a pan, with a pinch of garlic to give it flavor. Cook the spaghetti till it is just ‘al-dente’ and pour the homemade sauce over it, to be served with toasted bread. The total spending on this dish would be not more than $6, which is good considering four people can enjoy a homemade recipe.

Black beans and rice: Black beans are very nutritious with dense meaty texture making them a popular choice for vegetarian dishes. The health benefits of black beans are endless form maintaining overall bone health to lowering your blood pressure levels, managing diabetes, healthy digestion and more. Featuring ingredients like onion and garlic, sautéed in a pan and then cooked in a vegetable broth. Finally add the black beans and spices only when ready to serve.

Grilled cheese with soup: The all-time classic which can be prepared and served with minimum effort. If you have bread, cheese slices, butter and a couple of seasonings or leftover toppings that can fill in between, you are good to go. Served with canned tomato soup which can be bought for less than a dollar.

Other easy to make recipes can be found online, using the least number of ingredients and even making use of some leftovers to make family meals on a tight budget.