Easy no-bake party dip recipes

Dips are the essence of every party menu. They accentuate and enhance the flavor of the dullest of food items and embellish the texture and taste of breads, chips, crackers and otherwise bland dippers. Dips can be made by either baking and cooking or simply blending. If you are low on time and inclination to go elaborate on dips, check out these no bake quick and easy dips to sooth your palate and senses!

Zesty Green coriander and basil dip
The best part about this dip is that it is light on stomach and gets made in a jiffy. Blend basil leaves, coriander, Greek yogurt, olive oil, vinegar black pepper, red pepper and some green onions in a food processor and blend it for about ten times. Empty the jar into a bowl and chill overnight. Serve this party dip with sides and appetizers and see how your guests relish this tasty treat!

Salmon and Dill Dip
This is a great party dip to be served with a variety of crackers, cocktails and even breads! To blend this lip smacking dip, add sour cream, tabasco, mayonnaise, dill and smoked salmon in a blender and pulse until you get an even and rich consistency. You could also add herbs and seasonings to taste. This dip is a total crowd pleaser and works wonderfully well during party brunches and evening cocktails alike!

Ten-minute Tangy tomato dip
This is best enjoyed on a day out with friends and family. To make the dip, put sun dried tomatoes, sour cream, mayonnaise, tabasco and kosher salt in a jar and blend well. Garnish with chopped scallion and serve with fresh veggie sticks!

Black beauty dip
This may not look like one of the most appetizing dips but it surely is the most flavorful and punchy! Made with black bean, onion, cumin, lime, jalapenos, garlic and water, this blend is certainly going to blow your mind! Packed with a bunch of tantalizing flavors this black beauty will receive a special mention among all your guests!

This tried and tested dip is a total favorite among guests and when it’s homemade the excitement only gets multiplied. This recipe is super easy to whip up. In a blender, add soaked or canned chickpea, sesame tahini, lemon juice, roughly chopped garlic, cumin, olive oil, pepper and salt. Pulse the mixture till you get a velvety smooth consistency. You could set aside this creamy dip and sprinkle some parsley and paprika on top. This Mediterranean twist to your party menu is a great way to tickle all taste buds!