Easy family meals for picky eaters

Children can be very picky eaters, especially when it comes to green and leafy vegetables. If only pizza’s and burgers could be made with broccoli and kale and still taste good. Ingredients can be creatively masked in the preparation methods, but still some children will pick up on it and create a fuss.

Here is a list of ten simple recipes which can be made incorporating some of those veggies, picky eaters will never go for.

Rice salad in a cup: Desserts have often been modified to fit into a jar or a cup, so this recipe looks more appealing in an elegant cup. A traditional rice and salad fiesta with all the ingredients layered nicely on top of the other to form a colorful rainbow pattern. Hopefully the children will be so engrossed in how good it looks that they won’t even notice the ingredients.

Peanut butter and honey sandwiches: Two of the most consumed ingredients, almost all the lunches packed will have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This is a slight twist on the classic substituting jelly for honey.

Egg wraps: A salad can be incorporated cleverly in between the layers of a well-made omelette to make the wrap both healthy and tasty. The flavors will be masked cleverly in the wrap which can be seasoned as needed.

Fruit stack peanut butter sandwich: A classic peanut butter sandwich, which cleverly hides fruit slices in between the layers. You can use green apples, red apples, slices of mango and many others.

Rainbow pizza: Children are very visual, they observe keenly and everything that is shiny and colorful will attract their attention. A pizza which can be made with ingredients like tomatoes, green, yellow and red peppers, shredded onions and more leafy vegetables decorated to form a colorful rainbow pattern.

Mac and cheese with spinach: Spinach is rich in iron and very good for your child’s overall health. Spinach can be prepared and incorporated in this recipe very creatively to make sure they meet their daily dose of iron.

Vegetable lasagna: One of the most easy and tasty ways to mask that selection of vegetables in your dish. A baked delight which is loaded with all vegetables covered in sauce.

Meatloaf burgers: Have leftover meatloaf? Don’t let it go to waste, transform it into a simple homemade burger with lettuce, fresh tomatoes, onions and a nice dressing to cut through all that meaty goodness.

Broccoli and cheese nuggets: Children will never go for that broccoli unless it is coated with cheese that will add taste. Coat the green vegetable in cheese and bread crumbs and have them fried, to make little broccoli cheese nuggets.

Dairy free coconut sorbet: Can’t have gluten or too much sugar? You can still enjoy this coconut delight made from gluten and sugar free ingredients to make a perfect dessert ending to our list of creative recipes.