Easy DIY children’s activities

As tempting as a nap sounds on a lazy weekend afternoon, you can make the most of it by organizing ‘Do It Yourself’ activities with your kids. DIY children’s activities are a great way to utilize your child’s energies in a productive manner. DIY Children’s activities can teach your kids the importance of being unique as well as being self-reliant. And don’t assume that its advantages are just limited to children, you can learn a lot from your child during the process of educating them about arts and crafts. It will also improve researching skills on your part, as you want to expose and provide them with the best of resources and information. Here are some DIY ideas you can incorporate while you’re spending some quality time with them.

Designing on a T-shirt
Designing on a plain T-Shirt can be an amazing creative project for kids to start with, as they don’t just get to be imaginative but also get an opportunity to flaunt it by wearing it. They can paint, use stickers and markers, beads, style it the way they want to.

Making a collage is a natural process where yours kids can constantly change their creative effort and direction. It doesn’t have any particular rules, your kids just need to go with the flow and be absolutely spontaneous. They can use papers, magazine and newspaper cuttings, photographs, incorporate craft that they have made.

Making accessories
Yours kids will love the idea of making neck pieces, bracelets, or even badges. Making accessories can hone their co-ordination and dexterity as they can be a little complex because of distinctive shapes and sizes. They can use their favorite fictional/ cartoon characters, or make traditional ones which will also enlighten them about the history and the culture of the world.

Dream catchers
Dream catchers are an interesting piece of art work, which also have a legend behind. They are said to be created by the Native American group, and are hung on a bed’s headboard to trap nightmares while the person is asleep. They are quite easy to make, your kids can make use of vibrant colors to make it breezy.

A weekly journal
You can encourage your kid to maintain a creative weekly journal, in which they can draw and write about what they learned at school or in general. It can enhance their fine motor skills as well as creative mental abilities to express, and it will help you understand their thoughts as well.

Greeting cards
If a birthday is coming up in the family a handmade birthday greeting from a kid will be the most precious as well as adorable keepsake for the recipient. You can also get them to make a Christmas card, which you can scan and make copies of, to send out to friends and family.