Easy and meaty brown rice recipes

This is a known fact that brown rice is a healthy alternative to white rice, but we seldom find it as a part of our diets. Its intact bran and germ is filled with rich nutrients and antioxidants, aiding in heart functions and better digestion. It also balances cholesterol levels and improves the body’s overall immune system. But despite of these benefits brown rice remains as the most underrated food ingredients of all time.

If you want to include brown rice in your regular meals, here are a few meaty and delicious recipe combinations you can experiment with.

Chicken and brown rice
Recipes involving the combination of brown rice and chicken are high in fibers and proteins. You should try a one pot or fried rice recipe using chicken thighs or chicken breasts. All you need is some veggies like broccoli, bell peppers, corn, green peas, etc. to incorporate in your brown rice and chicken. You can add chilly to spice it up or some honey to give it that subtle mellow essence. Combine some chicken broth for that extra meaty flavor and don’t forget the freshly chopped herbs to garnish.

Beef and brown rice
You can cook a simple beef and brown rice bowl with vegetables or prepare a fancy skillet recipe which can be experimented with fresh tangy flavors or spicy ones with generous amount of cheese. An Asian stir-fry version is also an amazing solution if you have any leftover ingredients from a big dinner party.

Tilapia and brown rice
Tilapia works extremely well with brown rice and can be cooked in various ways. You can experiment with different kinds of seasonings, like Italian or Cajun or just a regular simple one. You can cook the rice in chicken broth and wine, and include a single veggie like broccoli. Serve the fillet and the brown rice along with some lemon juice to squeeze on it.

Prawns and brown rice
Prawns can be an amazing element for a fried brown rice. You can season this fish in multiple ways, whether you want it to be garlicky or spicy or just plain lemony, it can twist the mood of your palate in an instant. You can elevate the flavors of the rice by adding exotic Asian sauces as well.

Pork and brown rice
Chops or tenderloins make an amazing combination with the brown rice. You can serve the rice along with the seasoned chops or you can dice the tenderloins to cook an amazing fried brown rice. There can be crunchy elements of the colorful vegetables. Spicing it up or keeping it sweet-savory depends on what kind of elements and flavors find a balancing ground.