Easy and inexpensive recipe ideas for broke days

Is it that time of the month when all your financial prudence comes to the fore and prompts you to stay away from unnecessary indulgence before pay day? Blowing your pay check on a new wardrobe (or the like) often leads to serious implications. Neglecting a wholesome and healthy meal is one. Not anymore!  Check out these easy homemade recipe ideas that will help you stay full even on an empty wallet.

Roasted vegetable
Buying veggies doesn’t cost much and roasting them is a child’s play. You could easily toss some broccoli, zucchinis, bell peppers and carrots (or any other vegetable of your choice) and work up a delicious and nutritious meal even on a rainy day.

Tofu is a versatile food item that is not only delicious but also healthy. You could make a tofu meal with garlic / mustard sauce or add pepper and lemon to it and toss up a salad. With all the goodness of chicken for nearly half its price, tofu ranks high up in the cheap and easy to make meals.

Mashed potatoes
Potatoes are omnipresent and cost very little, this makes them your best buddy during crunch time. You can easily boil some potatoes and mash them up with some cheese, pepper and any seasoning of your choice. Mashed potatoes can be had as they are on atop garlic breads and the like.

Chickpea curry
Chickpeas are loaded with protein and therefore they make for an awesome broke day meal. What’s more, you get all the nourishment and happiness for lesser than a dollar! Making chickpea curry is not tough as there are several recipes that you can find online. You could choose to boil them with some veggies or make them to a thick curry.

One-pot pasta
Not only is one pot pasta inexpensive, it’s super convenient and quick. All you need is a prep time of about five minutes to chop and dice. What happens next is simple, all your ingredients land up in a pan and are brought to a boil. Making pasta never got easier, don’t you think?

Beef stir fry
If you thought getting broke meant going green, you can’t be more wrong. You can totally do a quick beef stir fry even on a budget. Cook some broccoli with the beef and enjoy a bowl full of pure delight! The best part about stir fry recipes is that they make magical meals with only a few ingredients. These, therefore, work wonderfully well when you are low on cash!