Easy and amazing vegetable side recipes

You might be a hardcore meat lover but your meals will be incomplete without the element of fresh vegetable side dishes boasting of vibrant colors and nutrition. The heaviness and the powerful flavors of meat should always be balanced beautiful tanginess and crispiness of side dishes. The best part about any side dish is that it takes the minimum possible preparation time, but makes a maximum impact on the palate.
Here are some meant to be ‘meat-vegetable side dishes’ combinations you should absolutely cook the next time you are in the kitchen.

Baked potato/ roasted carrots for chicken roast
The perfect vegetarian companion of your chicken roast is either a baked potato dish or the classic roasted carrots. The baked potatoes can be cooked in olive oil, seasoned with fresh herbs and salt-pepper. The carrots on the other hand can be roasted with oil and with a dash of garlic, thyme, vinegar and salt and pepper. The potatoes add a smooth texture in the dish, whereas the glazed carrots are a crunchy boost you might be looking for.

Crispy asparagus for salmon
The one pan recipe of baked salmon infused with the buttery garlic and crispy asparagus is just what you need, if you’re in no mood to have heavy meat dishes. The succulent salmon with the crunchy asparagus is light and refreshing.

Coleslaw for lobster
A creamy coleslaw is a classic addition to the Lobster dish. Some shredded cabbage, capsicum (red or green), carrots, mayonnaise, vinegar and salt-pepper whisked together makes the whole meal scrumptious. The clean flavors of the coleslaw and the meatiness of the lobster is a perfect combination for a Sunday brunch.

Roasted beans/ roasted broccoli for steak
Your juicy slow cooked steak is best accompanied with roasted beans or roasted broccoli. You can cook them both in butter or olive oil, with herbs, garlic, pepper and salt. You can experiment with various flavors by incorporating lemon, cheese, vinegar, honey or mayonnaise. These roasted side dishes are a way to refresh your palate along with the luscious steak packed with mighty meaty flavors.

Couscous salad for lamb
A fluffy couscous salad is the perfect side dish to serve along with the lamb. You can make it more interesting by adding tomatoes, chickpeas, parsley, mint, feta, and you can experiment with the seasoning by making it spicy or tangy. If you seem to be unsure about experimenting you can use the classic Greek or Moroccan couscous recipe to serve along with your lamb.