Dry hair, here are some products that will help

Aging, for some women, doesn’t just mean wrinkled skin or dark spots. It could also mean dry, lack-luster hair. Don’t lose hope for help is right here. With the right care, diet and products, your crowning glory can get back its bounce in no time. Here are some products that will help you combat the problems of dry hair.

• Pre-shampoo: The conventional thinking is that shampoo cleans, conditioner hydrates, and that’s that. However, the secret to tackling dry hair is from the roots by using a moisturizing agent or some oils is the key. Make them stronger with a great pre-shampoo treatment with one of many shampoo and conditioner options available in the market. These pre-shampoo products make dry, coarse hair silkier and softer because they are rich in fatty acids.

• Shampoo: If your scalp is sensitive, try a soothing shampoo like that is also hydrating. But here’s a tip: untangle dry hair in the shower right before you shampoo it to prevent breakage.

• Conditioner: Conditioner is an essential part of the post-shampoo routine. A moisture conditioner works well with damaged or treated hair. Do you have short, dry hair, then full repair strengthen and restore conditioner. On the other hand, if you have fine hair, opt for volumnising conditioner and follow it up with the mist. Another tip: If you feel your hair lacks volume or can easily get frizzy, you can alternately skip oiling and condition your hair before wash for a change.

• Mask: Your dry, dehydrated hair will thank you for a deep conditioning mask at least once a fortnight with an oil deep facets intensive repair treatment, intense hydrating mask. It nourishes the hair from the roots to the tip and adds moisture to it, making it appear fuller and voluminous rather than dry and dehydrated.

• Serums: Serums are the heroes that help your hair fight frizz and keep it protected from elements such as humidity, heat and pollution. Don’t forget that final layer before you step out in style. Don’t skip this crucial step, especially if you are fond of your curling wands and straighteners. The extra heat used by these devices tend to leave hair dryer serums are the solution.