DIY ideas to remove urine stain from your mattress

Don’t we love to cuddle up to our pets at night and have them by our side when we wake up? This lovely thought is often dampened because pets often tend to urinate in bed. Even when your pet is trained, you cannot be sure that there is no chance of him urinating in the bed. Apart from the odor of urine, what is more distressing is the mark that it tends to leave. Pet stain removal is, therefore, extremely, critical to a neat home.

When you want a clean home and want to own pets, it is essential to know all the useful DIYs for pet stain removal. Mattresses are especially prone to urine stains because it is not so easy to clean them. Before you start cleaning a mattress, it is always a good idea to vacuum clean it to remove any dirt or grime. Also, once the cleaning is done, leave it to dry in the sum for some time. Meanwhile, let us look at some of the quick and easy ways to remove urine stains from your mattress so that you continue to enjoy your midnight sleep without cringing. Here are some DIY tips to remove urine stains from mattresses

Using the versatile baking soda
Baking soda has been a favorite choice when it comes to cleaning household products and pet stain removal. It is cheap and is readily available at home. Some people use borax instead of baking soda. However, baking soda is a healthier and non-toxic way to clean your mattresses. Listed below are the steps to clean urine stains using baking soda.

  • Moisten the urine stain using a damp cloth
  • Sprinkle sufficient baking soda on the affected area
  • Rub the baking soda deeply into the stain
  • Leave to dry
  • Once the area is dry, remove the extra baking soda
  • This is a great way to get rid of the stain and enjoy a cleaner mattress. Baking soda also takes away the odor. However, it’s best to use a spray at the earliest so that the odor doesn’t stay.

Diluted vinegar
Another classic choice of homemakers since decades, vinegar is a safer alternative to hydrogen peroxide and can be used as an effective pet stain removal. The downside of vinegar is that it has a terrible smell that many don’t like too well. The good thing is that vinegar is the best way to make the mattress squeaky clean. The steps to clean urine stains off a mattress using vinegar have been listed below.

  • Take half parts vinegar and half parts water in a bowl.
  • Soak an old piece of cloth in the mix and use it to dampen the stain. You can also spray the mix on the affected area using a spray can.
  • Make sure the area is damp enough after you have sprayed the diluted vinegar.
  • In a few seconds, blot the wet area with a dry cloth or tissue paper.
  • Leave the area to dry for some time.
  • This is a great way to get rid of urine stains but it does leave a smell. So make sure you are okay with it for a day or two.

The perfect mix 
If you are looking for a more professional DIY as a urine stain remover but want to do it on your own, try this mix of substances. Many professionals subscribe this method of mattress cleaning, especially when it comes to removing urine stains from mattresses.

  • Mix some 10 ounces of hydrogen peroxide with 2 heaps of baking soda. Add a few drops of liquid dish detergent to this mix.
  • Wait for the foam of this mix to go away
  • Once the foam has subsided, put it in a spray bottle
  • Now, spray on the area with the stain
  • Let it stay for about an hour
  • Allow some air in the room as the mixture can leave a stench
  • Once the mix dries, remove the extra that remains
  • Soon enough, you will not be able to see the stain