Easy dinner ideas that are a hit with families

It is rightly said that families that eat together, stays together and it is observed that dinner time with family offers great bonding too. It is important that you have some great light and healthy dinner ideas for your family. It is a misconception that tasty dishes take more time for preparation but there are some of the recipes that require minimal prep and turns out to be an absolute treat. Here are some of the easy yet delicious dinner meals that you can pick for everyday dinnertimes.

Vegan dishes can be made delicious
If you are bored of broccoli, then it is time to experiment with the usual dish but with a savory twist. Go for braised vegetables with shallots, and garlic to add a flavorful punch to your dinner meal. You can choose a range of vegetables and season them well with salt, pepper and sprinkle oregano to get a great aftertaste. Add protein-rich chickpeas to your dish along with a blend of fennels and carrots. Now no more going bored with the vegan dishes as you can make these delightful and fun recipes for your family at dinner.

Pasta is an all-time favorite
Everyone loves pasta. Right from grandmas to kids in the family, pasta is enjoyed at dinner times by everyone in the family. You can add your own touch of flavors and ingredients to make a personalized healthy dinner recipe. Add some mozzarella cheese on top and garnish with basil leaves and cherry tomatoes. Do not forget to add some fresh vegetables that are high in protein such as broccoli, carrots, beans, and peas to make it a healthier option. You can choose to make this a chicken or vegan pasta but the health quotient remains the same.

Asian flavors can be a big hit
Go a step further and add a touch of Asian flavors for your family dinner. A braised fish is always a popular option for dinners. You can add ginger and garlic to your dish and keep it veggie-dense with mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, and beans. Do not forget to add the right amount of soy sauce that is needed to infuse the perfect Asian flavors to your dinner recipe. Surprise your family this weekend with this simple and easy to prepare healthy dinner recipe. If you want to go all vegan, then you can consider replacing the fish with eggplant or endive.