Different ways of preparing shrimp alfredo

The shrimp alfredo is a classic pasta dish, one of the oldest and the simplest to prepare. A classic variant of the shrimp pasta is the Fettucine Alfredo which features Fettuccine Pasta and Parmesan cheese emulsified with butter, to form a rich texture and coating over the delicious pasta. Although the classic is the preferred dish, the shrimp alfredo can be prepared using various ingredients and spice mix to give it that twist in flavor and looks.

Here are a few interesting ways to prepare the shrimp alfredo.

Using a Cajun spice mix to tweak the already delicious recipe sounds mouthwatering. The preparation method is pretty much the same as compared to classic alfredo sauce, with the addition of Cajun spice. Cajun is a general mix of most common spices used in cooking, a blend of different flavors in one mix from hot to mild mainly used as a seasoning in this version of shrimp alfredo.

Adding bacon and garlic to the traditional recipe will give it that extra fatty, salty, sugary, Smokey taste to the classic depending on the preparation method of the bacon. A preferred meat choice which will accentuate that flavor of parmesan cheese and fettuccine pasta topped with a sprinkling of parsley.

A creative alternative, but which does not necessarily make the dish vegetarian is adding spinach to the dish. It doesn’t reduce the fat content of the sauce but sure does enrich it with iron, since spinach is rich in iron content. It is a great way to make use of those leftovers in the fridge.
Adding escargot which is a French delicacy also commonly known as snails, gives it a unique twist in the taste. Escargot is chewy and will leave you with an overwhelming buttery taste, as that is the traditional method of preparing snails. Incorporating the snails with shrimp, gives you an interesting combination of flavor as well as texture.

Another way to prepare the recipe is to add the all-time household favorite, chicken. Who doesn’t love chicken, which is the most consumed and commonly used meat. Chicken itself can be prepared in a variety of ways from steaming to baking to deep frying, which adds an interesting twist to the classic shrimp alfredo recipe.