Different Types of Mattresses You Should Know

After a hard day’s work, every individual wishes to have a sound sleep. In most of the cases, this doesn’t happen either because of insomnia, thanks to the bad lifestyle that most people are addicted to or because of the type of mattress that they sleep on. Today, we will be talking about the different kinds of mattresses that are popular now. These mattresses mentioned below have been selected as per consumer reports and are completely based on customer experiences.

Types of mattresses

There are actually three types of best mattresses rated by consumer reports. The first one is widely used and is called a foam mattress. The second one is a spring mattress and the third is the adjustable air mattress.

Foam mattress

Many people prefer foam mattresses. What consumers love about foam is that it helps people with back pains and joint pains. It has been found that pretty much most of the manufacturers use the material polyurethane to make different foam layers in them.

There are many manufacturers who prefer to use both polyurethane and latex in alternate layers inside the foam mattress. Foam helps in molding the mattress according to a person’s body shape and this enables people with joint pains to enjoy a relaxed sleeping experience.

Innerspring mattress

Another good mattress is the innerspring mattress. These are called traditional ones since they were used in the good old days. It is a fact that more than 60 percent of mattresses sold in the market are innerspring ones. The best mattresses rated by consumer reports are mainly infused with steel coils inside them. The expensive ones have different cushion layers to make the mattresses softer and fluffier. Consumers love the spring mattresses, but many find them too bouncy, which disrupts their sleep in most of the cases.

Custom-made or adjustable air mattress

There are many custom-made best mattresses rated by consumer reports, which can be adjusted on request. There are many manufacturers that make custom-made mattresses for their clients. The cushion layers can be increased or decreased as per requirements.

The bounce effect is subjected to change and even firmness of the texture can be changed on request. These mattresses can be either called custom made or adjustable air mattresses. They usually include a top layer of cushion, made of foam and their firmness can be changed with the help of an electric pump. However, many do not prefer to use them because of the noise the pumps make.

Policies are important

Another reason that helps in rating best mattresses rated by consumer reports is the consumer policies that they come with. For instance, users buy more of those mattresses that come with a flexible return policy. There are sellers who prefer to give away free pickup services to their customers. Consumers are inherently attracted to such sellers and this allows the manufacturer to earn a better rating because of such customer services.

Warranty feature

Warranty is another feature that makes a mattress good. Ratings always depend on the longevity of the sleeping cushions. The more the warranty, the better their quality. Manufacturing defects are very common in low-quality mattresses.

Popular brands of the best mattresses rated by consumer reports

This is why it is better that people buy from well-known mattress manufacturing companies like — Amerisleep, Tempur Pedic Cloud, BedInABox, Sealy Optimum, Serta iComfort, and Denver Mattresses. Amerisleep is popular because of its memory foam technology. Their memory foam range of mattresses have always managed to earn the company a high consumer rating.

Same-day delivery option

Another feature that buyers find alluring in best mattresses rated by consumer reports is the same day delivery option. Most of the consumers buy mattresses when they are on the verge of shifting their home or when it becomes literally impossible to sleep on their old ones anymore.

In such scenarios, they look for companies that can instantly deliver the products in their homes. However, buyers after going through the best mattresses rated by consumer reports always prefer to trial the mattress before installing them inside a home. The points that one needs to consider during an inspection are the signs of any damage or stain on the product.