Different Types of Casual Dresses For Women Over 60

Fashion and age are a peculiar pair and one that many try grasping in the wrong way. While a change in fashion is required with age, it does not always mean that you are prepared to let go of modern fashion trends. The solution, of course, is to dress as per your heart’s wants. However, you can make modern fashion make look good on you with just a few simple tricks. So in this article, we talk about the different dresses and casual fashions styles that go perfectly with women over 60.


Skirts are one of the best fashion choices and definitely one of the most comfortable. The trick here is of course how you style it to go with your aura. Tennis shoes or boots are a perfect combination to go with skirts, which give out an aged feel but not an old look. Coming to the top, a simple cut shirt or t-shirt work best but ensure to tuck it into the hem of the skirt. Colors such as white and beige are great choices and can be combined with other simple colors, making it a great casual dress combination for those over 60.

Fleeces and cardigans

Body type is an important aspect to keep while selecting your wardrobe; however, no matter which body type you are, a comfortable and body-hugging fleece jacket is the perfect companion for your evening walk. When it comes to an evening party it is time to ditch that fleece jacket and sport a long-line cardigan to ensure your fashion stays spot on. Structured cardigans, or “coatigans” as they are now called, are also a brilliant choice when it comes to occasions that require a smarter choice of dressing. A few things to look out for are a lesser number of buttons, a slight nip at the waist, and avoiding a hooded coat. Longer length cardigans do a great job of giving women over 60 a casual look as well, giving them more dresses to choose from.


While many can retain their proportionate body types long into their old age, not everyone is blessed with such a tender physique. For such people, tight elastic waistlines can be a major fashion disaster. While elastic waistlines may seem like a pretty comfortable option, it is not a good fashion statement at this age, and especially with a slouching tummy. Two simple ways to steer clear of this mishap is to either wear a long top to simply cover up the waistline or if you want to put an emphasis on the waistline then you can tuck your top in and pull out a little bit of it just to cover up the waistline of the sweatpants. Trousers with loose tie waistlines are also very much in fashion so you can opt for those as an alternative too. This combination is another great option for casual dresses for women over 60.

Denim skirts

Denim has made a huge comeback in this era’s fashion lines although you want to jump back into the wagon. However, the days of flaunting denim are long gone so there are a few small snips women over 60 need to make while sporting out the denim look to suit a casual dressing sense. The cut is an important aspect to pay heed to. Clingy skirts are to be avoided, rather look for airy denim skirts that will allow your structure to breathe. Getting caught in a denim death grip is the last fashion disaster one wants.

Leggings and full sleeves

Leggings have never gone out of fashion, and they never will, and are probably your best friends if you need to steer clear of tight trousers. Go for simple and sober leggings and make sure to not repeat them without washing or it may lead to a lot of itches. The golden rule is to cover up the buttocks with a long shirt or top. Full-sleeved tops are also a great fashion choice for women over 60 with the three-fourth sleeve being extra popular. A black legging and a three-fourth sleeve shirt combo are sure to make a subtle statement. Such a combination brings a comfortable element in the options of casual dresses for women over 60.