Different kinds of Miracle Ear hearing aids

Not being able to hear clearly can be extremely frustrating both for the person who can’t hear and for the other person who has to continuously repeat himself. The good news is that most cases of hearing loss can be addressed with digital hearing aids. Though these hearing aids do not treat deafness, they amplify sounds to make them more audible. With a Miracle Ear hearing aid, you can not only hear better but can also connect with others in a better way.

When it comes to pick a hearing aid, there is no one solution for everyone. Hence, there are a number of different Miracle Ear hearing aids you can choose between. Hearing aids can be categorized according to how they fit your ear as In-the-ear hearing aids, Receiver-in-canal hearing aids and Behind-the-ear hearing aids.

In-the-ear Hearing Aids: These Miracle Ear hearing aids are custom fit to your ear canal thus making it virtually invisible. These hearing aids are easy to insert and remove and can have additional features such as noise reduction and echo guards. These are generally used in cases of mild to moderate hearing loss.

Receiver-in-canal Hearing Aids: This type of hearing aid can be described as a separate receiver and amplifier unit that is connected with a thin tube. The receiver unit sits behind the ear while the amplifier is molded to fit the ear canal. Miracle Ear hearing aids of this type come with an optional rechargeable battery. These are typically used for moderate to severe hearing loss.

Behind-the-ear Hearing Aids: These hearing aids are very similar to the above but are more versatile. They can be used to address mild to severe hearing loss and provide the maximum level of amplification.

Every hearing aid needs to be customized in terms of both the fitting and volume controls. It is interesting to note that not only do no two people have the same ear canals, even the right and left ear canal have a different size and structure. However, when you pick a hearing aid such as the Miracle Ear hearing aids, do not look only at the product but also at the accessories that come with and the service and warranty offered. Some hearing aids can also be wirelessly connected to your phones, television and music players to help make a telephonic conversation or your favorite TV drama more enjoyable.

Additionally, with a Miracle Ear hearing aid, you can control features such as volume or program settings via an app on your smart phone. Remember, every hearing aid takes a little while to get used to but the earlier you address your hearing loss and start wearing a hearing aid, the easier it is to adjust to.