Different cosmetic treatments

Cosmetic techniques are used to enhance a person’s appearance. They are advanced techniques used to improve the symmetry, aesthetic and the appeal of the skin. Cosmetic treatments are primarily performed on all the areas of the skin such as the forehead, face, neck and other parts of the body as well. It is very important for patients to consult with doctors and clinics which are reputed to use safe technology and methods for this treatment.

Detailed below are some of the most popular cosmetic treatments.

• Lipoplasty is a method to remove ‘love handles’ which are stubborn pounds of fat around the belly that give an odd appearance to the ideal body structure. The surgery takes place by vacuuming out the fat through a tiny incision. Resting for a few days after is recommended because there might some reactions such as bruising, swelling or numbness on the suctioned area. Pricing of Lipoplasty varies throughout U.S., starting around $2,000.

• Eyelid surgery is technically referred as blepharoplasty and reshapes the eyelids. It tightens up the loose skin and eliminates bagginess around the eyelids. There could be swelling around the area and poor vision for few days which would go away in a week or two. The treatment approximately starts around $2,000 but won’t increase more than $4,000 depending upon the clinic and other factors.

• Breast implants are saline inflated bags that slide in between the chest muscle and chest wall. Patients can go about their daily routine in a mild manner within a day or two of the surgery but for a week or so the area should not be subjected to water. It is not that expensive, costing around $3,000, but it varies from surgeon to surgeon and other factors.

• Nose jobs are nothing but the ‘reshaping of the nose’ in a way. It is a done by detaching the skin and remodelling the structure of the nose bone and cartilage, after which the patient is told to rest for two-three days. It is a bit expensive when compared to the first two cosmetic treatments, and again depends on the quality of the work and the surgeon.

• The facial skin gradually folds and sags with age. A facelift tightens and stretches the skin and smoothens it. The swelling and numbness could be there for few weeks. Facelifts are priced around $5,000 or more.