Dating etiquette to always remember

Dating can be quite a task if you are looking to find the significant other when you meet people on dates. However, you could be on a date for various reasons – it could either be to find the love of your life, or to just meet new people and socialize – your reason can vary and so can your experience while you are on a date, but one thing everyone must follow is the basic set of etiquette irrespective of your reasons and experiences.

Be considerate enough while deciding the place
Whoever makes the first move of asking the other person out on a date, must consider the likes of that person before you make a suggestion. You might have clicked with that person enough to finally make a decision of asking them out. In that case, always consider where they would or would not like to meet you. Ask them the kinds of places they would prefer meeting you and set a date if and when you both find the common ground.

Carry enough money to pay for the whole bill
By tradition, men pay the bill at the end of a date. But things change with time and today even women prefer paying the entire bill amount or their share.  Even if you both have decided to go the dutch way, it’s wise to carry enough money – irrespective of your gender – in case you do end up in a situation where you have to make the complete payment.

Dress well
It is always polite to dress well when you are meeting someone for the first time. If it is a date, one will expect to look for an interesting and beautiful evening. You do not have to put on your best suit or your classiest dress, but just the right clothes for that date keeping your originality. Your date should feel special and has probably put in necessary efforts to look his/her best.

Be who you are
As cliché as it sounds, be as original as you can be. Weather you are looking for a long term relationship from this date or not, you will only be fair to yourself by being fair to your date. It’s okay to not have opinions on everything that’s under the sun. There might be things and topics that come up on your date which you know nothing about, be genuine enough to accept that. If your opinion on certain things is not diplomatically and politically correct, be genuine enough to state them as is. The most honest answers and opinions you both have, the better you will know each other.

Do not fidget with your mobile phones
If you are not interested in the date anymore, end it right there and end it politely. You can offer to pay the whole bill or just your share of the bill and bid each other goodbye. But Fidgeting on your phone is considered to be extremely rude especially when you are on a date.

Do not get too drunk on your date
If you are meeting at a bar and plan to have drinks together on your date/first date, make sure to drink responsibly and not get too drunk. This will save you and your partner the embarrassment.