Cutting costs while choosing bedroom dressers

Where are you going to place the dresser, in the master bedroom, the kids’ room or the spare room? What is your preference in style and material? All these can help determine the type and cost of the dresser that you buy. You can find many cheap bedroom dressers that are made of good quality materials.

Different styles of dressers
Bedroom dressers are mainly used to store clothes. Depending on the range of clothes you have and how you want to organize them, you can look for units with more number of drawers or less. You can also choose the orientation, tall or wide. Most designer furniture can be expensive, so try and opt for something that isn’t a part of any designer collection.

Lateral dressers: This is the classical orientation for bedroom dressers. Lateral units are wide and have at least two columns of drawers. Their short and horizontal design enables you to place a mirror on them.

Vertical dressers: These units are tall rather than wide. They can come with one or two columns of drawers and are also known as tallboys. They have deeper drawers than horizontal dressers.

Combo dressers: These dressers combine the lateral and the tallboy dressers into one unit. A wide and short chest of drawers is combined with a vertical dresser unit. The vertical unit can also be a long shelf with a door and can be used to hang pants and suits.

The materials used to make a bedroom dresser greatly influence its price. So if you opt for the right material, you can surely end up buying cheap bedroom dressers.

Wood: Most dressers are made of wood but its quality differs. You can choose from high-end traditional hardwoods to particle boards and Medium Density Fiberboards (MDF), plywood and so on. Dressers made of materials like MDF and plywood are a lot easier on the pocket than those made of high density or rare wood. You can choose a material that is durable, fits your budget, and still looks good.

Metal: You can buy dressers made entirely of metal or they could be a combination of metal and wood. These bedroom dressers give a modern or transitional look to your bedroom.

Wicker or plastic: If you like the look of woven furniture, you can get wicker dressers, made from plastic or natural fibers. However, a woven look leads to the accumulation of dust and requires regular cleaning and maintenance.
Plastic dressers come in many styles and can be fitting economic options for kids’ rooms, as you would need to replace the furniture as they grow up. Both plastic and wicker are economical materials that make for cheap bedroom dressers.

Making the choice
If you want a dresser with both drawers and a shelf, choose good combo dressers. If you want a dresser that will fit into a small space, select tallboys.
A wide dresser, with two or three columns and different types of drawers, allows you to divide and organize your clothing, accessories, etc. Besides this, you can buy dressers with an attached mirror, or buy a mirror separately and place it on top of a lateral dresser. Combination units are typically cheaper, but this may not always be the case. Weigh your options carefully by comparing prices on your own.

Cheap bedroom dressers need not translate into poor quality furniture. You can cut costs by choosing MDF or plywood rather than teakwood units. You can buy stylish and sturdy plastic dressers for your kids’ rooms. You can buy a bedroom dresser that will also serve as a dressing table or as a TV console, eliminating the need to buy another piece of furniture, thus bringing down the overall cost of redesigning your room.