Creative garden planter ideas

Planters are a great way to add great interior design to your garden. They come in many shapes and sizes and the big ones look extraordinarily beautiful. The best way to personalize your garden and give your own touch is by using planters in such a way that they reflect you in the garden.

Plantes make you garden look more beautiful and hence there are many ways you can use them creatively to intensify the beauty. Below are some ideas you can use to make your garden look more pretty.

Tall cylindrical planters
Use vertical cylindrical planters made of tin of any other material of your choice and plant giant white bird of paradise (strelirzia nicolai) or wild banana. These plants look gorgeous in tall planters.

Painting on planters
Painting your wooden planters or having your kids paint their masterpiece on those planters is definitely going to make your garden look like a creative heaven.

Planter on wheels
Add wheels to your planters to make them movable. Since planters are big in size and it is a task to move them, you can always add wheels at the bottom and move them as and when you wish.

Planters pathway
Place the many planters on both sides on the path in your garden to enhance the pathway. You can have same planters along the path as it gives an enhanced look to your garden making it look like a professionally designed garden.

Planter in disguise
You can refer the internet or use your own creativity and get planters with various shapes such as a planter in the shape of a turtle, or big bird or a monument. Different shapes of planter makes your garden look different than a regular garden and looks ingenious.

Tree stump planters
A rooted tree stump can be used as a garden planter. If you find a cut tree stump that is rooted, you can take it off the roots, make it hollow such that it looks like a big ring, place it on the ground and make it a planter. This is another unusual way to make your garden look beautiful.

Recycle your old storage box
You can use your old storage box as a planter. The bigger the storage box, the better it will make an impact in your garden. You can also paint the storage box before you use it as a planter. Paint can match the theme of your garden.