Create and manage documents with Microsoft Office

With the launch of Microsoft Office 2010, creating and managing documents has become more dynamic and efficient. Microsoft has incorporated a good number of new features with the 2010 version and it has also changed the way media presentations have been done. Several people are still making use of the older versions and they have to upgrade to this new version to enjoy excellent benefits. Here are the top 5 features Office 2010 that cannot be associated with the older Office versions:

Dynamic PowerPoint program

You can have video media in your presentation with the PowerPoint program available in the Microsoft Office 2010 version. There are options for changing color, altering contrast, setting poster frames and editing. The company has launched a new feature known as Broadcast Slide Show and it permits you to share your presentation with others using the web. In order to view, others do not need PowerPoint. All these aspects have made a lot of people ardent fans of Microsoft Office 2010 launched by Microsoft.

Word with enhanced features

Innovative features can be found in the Microsoft Office 2010 Word. Using the Word document, photos can be edited. Changing the color of the photos has become very easy and the background can be edited in an easy way. You can remove the objects that are not needed and it can be saved as a new image. Improved flexibility can be associated with word art and innovative features are introduced with the Search feature. You can find a paste preview option and there are different types of options with text effects as well.

Highly vibrant OneNote features

Organizing, tracking and sharing texts, pictures, video and audio notes can be done using the OneNote feature of the Microsoft Office 2010. Better control over notes can be achieved with innovative features like version tracking, linked notes and auto highlighting.

Amazingly beneficial Microsoft Office Backstage

Microsoft Office Backstage is a new feature introduced and it is being done by replacing the conventional File menu. With this new feature, you can find one common area for the management of files like publish, save, print and share. It offers excellent ease of use and a large number of people have shown great appreciation for the benefits this feature brings. The company has added an enhanced Ribbon on all Microsoft Office 2010 applications and it permits fast and easy access to file commands. The process of customizing tabs becomes really easy and you can have your own exclusive workspace that is congenial for your work style.

Highly impressive Excel

When it comes to the changes introduced in the Microsoft Office 2010, Excel is the one that has been undergone the most dramatic change. With the new version, you can have a graph in an individual cell called Sparklines feature. In the 2007 version, there were only charts. If you want your spread sheets more accurate and simpler to follow, this is the best feature that can be made use of. There are other features such as PivotTable for segmenting and filtering data in multiple layers with the help of Slicers and they help you to assess more effectively and allocate reduced time with the formatting.

Office 2010 by Microsoft is also equipped for many other features that offer excellent benefits for the users. You can find unique features that enhance your presentations, spreadsheets, and documents. Unfortunately, many people are still making use of a lower version of Microsoft Office and they have not yet realized the amazing benefits this new version offers. It is the time to upgrade because there are so many amazing and beneficial features that these people are missing out.