Cosmetic treatment for aging skin

Getting older is unavoidable and no one really feels good with the transformation especially because the skin tends to loosen up and wrinkle. In this case, both cosmetic surgeries and cosmetic products have proven to work. While cosmetic surgeries and treatment do have some risks, they manage to work for skin aging and make the skin appear youthful. What’s more, every year the cosmetic product companies assure us by saying that ‘’Getting older is unavoidable but making the skin look youthful is possible!’

Listed below are some of the cosmetic and non-cosmetic treatments for aging skin.

• Retinoid creams which claim to fight with wrinkles. Topical retinoid derived from vitamin A is proven to get rid of wrinkles which are present on the face.

• Creams which contain short particles and peptides merged with amino acids which tend to be useful for reducing the wrinkles and fine lines. The skin starts to lose collagen as it ages. Thus, lotions/ cream which contain peptides battle the skin to form new collagen.

• Microdermabrasion is the other method to slough off cells from the upper layer skin and encourage the new skin to grow. This method is usually not so painful but it requires a mild anaesthetic. Multiple sittings are very effective with the doctor.

• Laser skin resurfacing with its high intensity of power zap enhances the look of the fine lines, wrinkles and scars by tightening the skin. Recovery time varies from person to person.

• Chemical peel is for those who want to remove mild acne scars, dull skin, age spots, wrinkles around the eyes or lips. It removes the outer layer of the skin in order for new skin to grow. The cost depends on according to the AACS.

• Botox (also known has Dysport) is an injection method which contains botulism toxin. It helps to paralyze small facial muscles and smooths the skin texture.

• Filler injection has hyaluronic acid which is used to fill in line and wrinkles. This gives volume to the skin. The effects last nearly six to seven months.

• Cosmetic surgery lifts the skin on the face like neck, face, eyelids and forehead. It tightens the skin. With other factors, the procedure can be repeated on the run.

Some of the other ways are by preventing the skin from further damage or exposure to sun. Always apply sunscreen lotion and body creams before stepping out.