Compare TV prices and platforms provided by brands

With the advent of technology, we see new inventions and breakthrough discoveries every day. The multiplicity of television variants has necessitated the need to compare TV prices so that buyers can involve themselves in making an informed decision. Today, everybody wants to stay ahead in the fast-paced world and updating a television from time to time becomes the need of the hour. It is necessary to compare TV prices especially those that encompass different formats to get the best user experience and value for money.

  • Android
    This operating system took over our lives at a pace nobody could even understand. For this format, the best television is the Sony XBR X900E that is known to have the best image quality of all times. It comes with four modes that allow you to modify the television’s lighting the way you require. Other televisions with Android include those from Philips and models of Sony itself.
  • Firefox
    My Home Screen, earlier known as Firefox, works best in the Panasonic TX OLED TV that works smoothly and defines the concept of a smart television. Live streaming can be taken advantage of in case your cable network goes out. Moreover, streaming of the past seven days can be watched using just a few clicks.
  • Web OS
    LG pioneered in developing a smart TV with the release of the C7 television variant. It comprises of the second version of Web OS and works almost like the previous versions without any major modification. The buttons of its remote control work like the touchpad of a smartphone allowing you to access different applications with the help of your fingers.
  • Roku
    Time and again, TCL 55P607 has emerged to be the best television in terms of the Roku operating system and when you compare TV prices, not even a single model form any other brand can come close to this offering. The number of apps you get to access is tremendous.
  • Tizen
    Though, this platform is still in its nascent stage in terms of popularity, it has managed to grab the interest of the makers of Samsung. Samsung has introduced the Q9F television with this operating system by making significant efforts in adding some additional features to make the products stand out. There are other versions of the brand that use the same system.

Smart TV comparison, TV price comparison and TV comparison actually will make you smart while buying the appliance. Brands have also started experimenting with multiple formats where they manufacture one television using a different platform and the other with a second one. Always compare TV prices before buying.