Common types of playsets

Technology and modern advancements have several boons that make our lives comfortable and so much more convenient. However, a flip side of the modern age is that more and more kids remain indoors, glued to electronic devices and dependent on gadgets for their pastime. Playing outdoors has increasingly become obsolete and unattractive. If growing reliance of your little ones on TV sets and video games is your biggest concern, give your kids a reason to play outside with attractive garden or indoor play sets! If you have a backyard, outdoor play sets can accentuate its beauty. If you have space constraints, try their indoor counterparts. The idea is to keep your kids away from the virtual world and introduce them to the joys and wonders of the tactile one. Before you select a play set that suits your requirement, take some time out to research about the materials in which they are available. Check out some of the popular types of play sets to choose from!

Wooden play sets are the most attractive and durable. What’s more, you can choose from your wooden play sets from a range of different timbers. One of the most trusted wooden variety is that of redwood which grows on the coast of California. Red wood is one of the most expensive variants as they are decay and rot resistant. This wood also offers minimal swelling and shrinking and looks great in its natural red color. A rosewood play set in your backyard is indeed aesthetically very appealing! Another type of wooden play set that is quite popular is the one made of cedar wood. These are typically more affordable and less prone to twisting and warping. What’s best, cedar has a naturally beautiful aroma that lifts your spirit each time you go near it!

Metal play sets are the most common type of play sets seen in parks and public areas. These play sets are made of painted steel pipes and tubes. These frames are not very appealing to look at but are definitely very strong and affordable.

Vinyl play sets are made up of pressure-treated pipes that are draped in PVC. These play sets do not need regular maintenance as they can be simply cleaned annually. One of the greatest advantages of vinyl play sets is that they are splinter free. Vinyl play sets are mostly on the expensive side. The only disadvantage of vinyl is that the pressure treated pine traps moisture and becomes susceptible to rotting. Make sure you consider all these factors before making your purchase!