Common types of hot water heaters

You can choose among a wide range of hot water heaters depending on how much water you wish use. The mode how you operate the hot water heater such as electricity, gas or oil also affects the choice of the water heater you must choose. Some water heaters have extremely low energy costs as compared to the traditional water heaters. You must an select the one which suits your needs and  requirements the best. Some of the most common types of hot water heaters have been listed below.

Storage tank water heater: As the name suggests, the storage tank water heater stores water in the insulated tank. It is the most common type of hot water heater used in households. The water is stored in the tank where it is heated. It moves out of the water heater with the help of pipes. If the water exceeds the pre-set levels, the pressure relief valve opens up. The storage tank water heaters generally operate on natural gas. They need less energy to operate which results in reduced energy costs. However, the cost of the water heaters is high.

Tank-less or on-demand water heater: The tank-less hot water heaters don’t store water. Instead, they have heating coils which are used to heat the water when needed. The on-demand hot water heaters are ideal if you need water only for one particular chore such as dishwashing, showers or laundry. They consume less energy as compared to the storage tank water heaters. They are more energy efficient solutions. However, the supply of water is limited to 3.5 gallons. They operate both on electricity and natural gas. You may need an expensive upgrade to install the tank-less hot water systems.

Solar water heater: The solar water heaters are mounted on the roofs. They absorb the heat of the sun and transfer it through the closed loop structure that trespasses the water tank. These water heaters give an excellent performance during sunny days. However, the efficiency is compromised on cold and cloudy days. You must have a backup system which provides uninterrupted water supply throughout the year.

Condensing water heater: The condensing hot water heaters are the ideal choice if you have hot water needs more than 55 gallons. They are highly energy consuming and result in significant energy bills. The gases are blown inside through the coil. The heat is absorbed by the water turning into hot water.

Hybrid water heaters: The hybrid water heaters are packed with the latest technology and have much-reduced energy consumption. Studies reveal that they consume 60% less energy than the standard electric hot water systems. They absorb the heat from the air and release it into the water to heat it. The hybrid hot water heaters don’t work in regions where there is extreme cold. They must be placed in the areas with a temperature of about 40 to 90 degrees. The heat pump is located on top of the hot water heaters. This implies that the heaters must be located about seven feet high above the ground level. Hybrid water heaters are relatively expensive. You must get the professionals for quick and standard installation of the hot water heaters.

You can choose from the above mentioned hot water heaters. However, it is essential that you find out the pros and cons of the water heater and make the right selection. The wisest decision is to choose an energy efficient hot water heater. Always get professional help for the installation of new hot water heaters. You can even ask the professionals for maintenance tips about the hot water system to enjoy an optimal performance in the long run.