Common causes, symptoms and treatment of stomach cancer

There are many different kinds of cancers that can affect the body, and it is one of the top fatal diseases to be found globally, as per many reports by the WHO. Among the various kinds of cancer, there is one known as stomach cancer which occurs when the abnormal cells in the stomach grow to an extent that they manifest into a tumor. There are many causes, symptoms and treatment options. Below are a few of those

• Causes: While doctors and medical practitioners are not entirely sure about the exact causes that may trigger this disease, they do know that there are several risk factors that can give rise to the same. The bacteria known as H Phylori can greatly increase your chances of coming down with stomach cancer, excessive smoking and a diet that is rich in processed food, excessive salt and oil may also give rise to the same. Also, this disease may be genetically inherited if you have the faulty carrier gene or if you have a family history of this disease. Further, people who constantly work in coal mines and timbre fields are known to be a high-risk group when it comes to stomach cancer due to the fumes that enter the system. Asbestos and the exposure to the same in a factory or classroom can also trigger this disease.

• Symptoms: There are a number of symptoms that can be attributed to this disease. Indigestion and acidity as well as bloating are some of the earliest signs and symptoms of stomach cancer. Yet, one must not rush to the doctor as soon as there is some indigestion and acidity. Only when these signs persist for a matter of weeks and come with other such signs, one should visit the doctor. Other symptoms of this condition include nausea and lack of appetite. The progression of this disease is such that it will strip your body of its normal metabolism and render food unpalatable as you try to eat and digest the same. The bloating will also progress along with the appearance of blood in one’s stool and yellow appearance of the eyes and the skin. Also, heartburn and unexplained weight loss are some of the other symptoms of stomach cancer. Vomiting and constant fatigue will also set in, eventually as the disease progresses.

• Diagnosis: For the diagnosis, the oncologist will conduct imaging tests like an ultrasound and MRI scan. Also, the doctor will also conduct blood tests along with an endoscopy so as to find out the existence and spread of the disease. Further, a biopsy will also be conducted using sample extracted from this region of the body.

• Treatment: There are many measures that can be taken for timely treatment of this disease along with symptomatic relief. The treatment methods will also try to contain the spread of this condition. You may have to go through surgery and chemotherapy depending on the results of the biopsy.