Colon Cancer: Top 3 Signs and Related Symptoms

Cancer can affect any part of the body where there is a growth of abnormal cells which may lead to manifestations like a tumor. Colon cancer is one such kind of cancer that starts in the colon of the patient. This is the small tract that lies between the intestines and the anus. Needless to say, this small organ is responsible for flushing out the toxins and digesting the left over undigested food that may have passed through the intestines. When there is a great deal of undigested food that turns into toxins in this area, it tends to accumulate which may lead to a variety of complications. Colon cancer is one such complication which can turn into a fatality if the signs are not seen at the earliest for timely treatment to take place. So here are the top three signs of colon cancer that we should all be aware of.

· Undigested Food: One of the first signs of colon or colorectal cancer is that one will feel that there is undigested food in the system at all times. This is due to the fact that the stool will not pass through in a normal and timely manner. Even after the stool has passed, the patient will not feel like all of it has been passed and there will be a feeling of heaviness and even bloating which will be felt on a persistent basis. When you have this feeling that the bowels have not emptied out in a normal manner, you will also experience related symptoms like gas, bloating and cramps in the abdomen area.

· Rectal Discomfort: Another major sign that you should not ignore is the growth of rectal discomfort which will show upon in various ways. When you are having persistent trouble when it comes to passing stool, then it is known as rectal discomfort. This can also be seen in symptoms like the passage of blood with still which happens when there is too much strain in the area while passing stool. Also, the bowel movements may change which can give rise to much discomfort as your body tries to adjust to the same. The patient may also swing between constipation and loose motions, which will make things all the more complicated. This kind of discomfort is also one of the reasons why a patient experiences problems like gas, bloating and cramps.

· Other Symptoms: The other main signs to look out for include a sudden drop in one’s weight. This may happen because the patient is not being able to pass stool in the normal manner and also because the patient may be experiencing severe loss of appetite due to the constant feeling of fullness. This will further manifest in weakness and constant fatigue while the body’s metabolism falls even more to give rise to even more toxins in the this tract.

While many people do not experience any symptoms in the beginning, these are the top 3 signs of colon cancer which must be reported to a doctor immediately if they carry on persistently.