Clinical strength vs normal deodorants for odor control

Clinical strength deodorants vs. regular deodorants for odor control

Everyone perspires, and it is not a matter of embarrassment unless you have the solution to cut that lousy sweat smell. Most women usually buy regular deodorants and clinical strength deodorants, without knowing the difference between the two. Do you know which one to choose and why? Let’s find out in brief about the best odor control deodorant, women may use for odor control.

Normal deodorants

Normal deodorants contain antimicrobial agents to prevent body odor and have nothing to do with the flow of sweat. They can remove unwanted odor, but cannot stop sweat. Its primary purpose is just to cut your lousy sweat smell. Since it cannot prevent your body from sweating, it cannot hold your sweat smell for long. In simple terms, the more the sweat, the more will be the sweat odor. Since regular deodorants work only on cutting the sweat smell and not the cause, its effect doesn’t last for long. If you consider normal deodorants as best odor control deodorant women should buy, then you might be wrong.

Natural deodorants may not be for everyone, but you must give it a try. After all, it does not contain any chemicals to harm your armpits. Considering your health and if you sweat less than average, normal deodorants may be a better alternative.

Clinical strength deodorants

Clinical strength deodorants are considered to be the best odor control deodorant, women may go for, provided they suffer from hyperhidrosis or extreme sweating symptoms. These deodorants contain the highest amount of sweat-controlling ingredients. They are mostly prescribed to be applied at night before bed to keep you protected from odor all day. They are considered as the best alternative to odor or an occasional sweat stain. It has been found that ingredients for clinical strength deodorants get absorbed quickly into the sweat gland. It contains a high amount of aluminum salts that reduce or stop sweat. It has also been found that the effect of clinical strength deodorants lasts for 24 hours or more, irrespective of the bath.

However, one should always remember and keep in mind that clinical strength deodorants should not be used after the shower in the morning. It is considered best to use at the time when you sweat less and night is by far the best time for it. Reason for this is that it gets a lot of time to make a barrier in the sweat glands that won’t wash away even in the morning shower.


It has been seen that clinical strength deodorants perform and last better and longer than regular deodorants. Therefore, if you are looking for the best odor control deodorant women should apply, go for clinical strength deodorants. Also, note that if you don’t sweat much and do less physical work, then you can go for normal ones. You can even go with both the products on different days. If your day is full of physical work and exercises, go for clinical strength deodorants. If your day is light and you don’t have much of work, use a regular deodorant.

In short, the use of clinical strength deodorants or regular deodorants depends on the type of person you are and the physical activities you undergo. If you are planning to buy regular deodorants, go for the one that says “only deodorants” and not the one, which says “antiperspirant/deodorant”. “Only deodorants” are the regular deodorants used on a daily basis to control less sweat whereas. On the other hand, if you buy an “antiperspirant/deodorant”, you will get a bottle of clinical strength deodorant.