Christmas gift basket ideas for your loved ones

There are always some people on our Christmas gift list for whom it is really difficult to purchase a gift. This may be either because they have all they need or they just don’t have a certain desire for something. One of the best ways to get a good gift for the people you really value would be to put together a Christmas gift basket. Instead of buying just one off the counter, you can always put together one by yourself and show that you handpicked it by adding a customized tag with a personal note. There is nothing better than a customized gift, and here are some ideas for your Christmas gift basket that will definitely be a hit with anyone.

Cookie dough gift basket
One of the most common flavors of the Christmas season is the homebred cookies. You can put together a gift basket by adding your own customized cookie dough or the best readymade ones, add cookie cutters, a few seasoning sprinkles, probably even a recipe sheet, and other cookie baking essentials like cookie scoop, cookie sheet, baking spatulas, oven mitts, and a cooling rack. You can make your gift basket complete with an actual woven basket, or just arrange them in a designed mixing bowl that will last quite some time. Tie it up with a cute bow, and don’t forget to add customized tags of your liking.

Hot chocolate gift basket
Hot chocolate is always a customary tradition during the Christmas season, and the best way to share your love would be to present a stacked up hot chocolate gift basket as a Christmas gift to your special ones. It denotes a sense of family – be it a cold Christmas eve or a just normal sunny day. Some of the ideal items that you can stack up in a hot chocolate gift basket would be delicious varieties of hot chocolate, marshmallows, stir sticks or probably candy cane if your loved ones have a sweet tooth, designer paper cups or even actual customized mugs. You can always wrap up them up singly in a mug for one as a gift basket or you could add a huge pile of these items and tie it up with a ribbon and a customized Christmas gift basket tag of your choice.